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Every Chiense Know Bidu Is A Rogue, Is It Still So??

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Baidu Ranks Everything For Itself

A Sinistor Search Eninge On the Planet


Did You Ever Rippged Off By Bidu(Baidu) to Tell Your stories of how the rogue made you made every?
Sick of its ad and ranking. No Struggling more for Its Rankings and
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To rank a keyword on Bidu you need invest hundreds and thousands dollars on its ad or search engine optimzation, yet what you can get it perhaps only 100 views a day. You never have a chance to get back just your investment money , Not menitoned to profit.

infamous bidu

Is it that Bidu known as Baidu in China is a sinster uck 2014-01-07 21:05119 *** @ | Category: Baidu Other Products | View 306 times.

Can not find it anywhere, how to delete? ? ? I'm your mother's day. What breaking force stuff.

User Adoption said hello and disappeared seems it was nowheare on the global. Hello, welcome you to experience Baidu security products!

In order to prevent malicious uninstall Trojan, Baidu does not allow third-party anti-virus program to uninstall, for the inconvenience to you, please forgive me.
Please try to manually turn off the antivirus settings in Baidu central active defense and self-protection, and unloaded from the Start menu or the Control Panel Add or Remove Programs, or C: \ looking under Program Files \ baidu directory installation directory by running uninst . exe uninstall.
If you have problems with the uninstaller, you can download to Baidu antivirus, after covering installation repair the file association can be properly uninstalled, thank you for your feedback!
Look forward to your continued interest in us!

That year, Aoi still a virgin, Edison has no camera, Li Gang has no son, only a chrysanthemum flower, penguin is not qq, 2B pencil I only know that, as well as buy instant noodles seasoning, a cup just to brush your teeth, the building is used to live, just for eating cucumber banana professor is not called the beast, the sun is not called on leaders not write diaries, pear not so big, big belly who know that we still believe in the truth . Now, Columbia has been silent, and only with this bullshit attitude to face this fucking life I do not rob the sofa, nor is it to soy sauce. I did not come here to refuel the landlord cry, but not for the landlord to contain the attack. I silently struggling just to one hundred thousand points. You're a beautiful woman, I do not envy; You're a monster, I do not care; you're a guy, I do not care; you are a male animal, I do not despise. No matter how noble your sentiments, I will not praise; how your moral turpitude, I was unmoved. Verification code must be everywhere in this era, had to get hold of members to Dangdang. See also posted numerous daily before, basically do not Huitie, only to discover later how always standing still, a lot of people than I registered late levels higher than me, I finally realize. So I put this text is saved in Notepad, one on each to see a copy and paste Degree I woo, There Baidu salesman and I speak for all of you leather! Especially the legendary Baidu know the administrator, I Fuck a force! Your mother had a great force! Letters I ask questions, I answer deleted. Your mother forced. 10-50 minutes is not deleted Specifically deleted 100-200 points. Your mother forced! Baidu salesman and a dog every day, give us a call to promote the company! Fuck you promote your mom a big force! Teach him right now,Garbage Baidu!.humilated and insulted by bidu

Bidu Will Die Soon In 1 or 2 Years and Why?

Your thing forced you posted it and know things - you burst in the bar every day, right? hook knows your thing forced to internal staff on the operation of your thing died, you now calling you home corpses, your thing forced you do not know anything else quit day by day, light your thing forced to delete the message you send. thing degree 或 @ Baidu Baidu know know @.

We put on a not a cocky thing, it knows nothing if the ass but at home we put out, most people can not hear can not see, can I hook it stinks too loud fart also shook the Baidu Red Guards team, not even the gates of wickets du gossips have not walked slowly to her feet three inches old chicken loaded to force in three acres of land 8 left a chicken in India, du gossips always been dumb never speak today, I do not know that side of the demon God tornado blew her male law other space du Grand total officer latrine gone, immediately transformed back foot three inches of the left side of the duck eunuch Bigfoot Edition handprint, while yelling shouting eunuch Hooray! Support the old eunuch! hook! Weighs Zan it. hook you, you can throw eunuchs shouting long live duck, egg pain we will play your thing we roar ah! ! By hook! You do not have to engage in yellow standings so hooking fake it, we did not say on the one written by someone else fart poor, can hold a hooking force there and lead people to buy stuff, like to see the nature of the problem, know it? Baidu group of brain damage, naive with what to say to your thing, do it big sound out why? Barbara protagonist of the original film but not on the yellow list, this is not what you hypocritical sordid behavior? Damn one thousand articles also inseparable from a sense, this theme of the article interesting? Modification of every article is still the same way, and this was his thing who Kenwan dogs and threw a chicken bone, finished dogs and cats continue to bite again, and finally nobody gnaw on his thing thrown into the pen where pigs gray to go.


Harms and Damages to People From Bidu

These brain damage Baidu Red Guards Division stuff, idiot! ! Widened two blind brain damage who can touch the heart of this group is how long with the previous recommendation if it is a good article, if you are a group of people who hate brain damage, no matter how in-depth article , how classic he will not let you on the yellow list, but also the opposite of you come, you will not let you recommended, the garbage can no longer refuse the article, as long as the group of people who like brain damage or support them, often giving them flattering, the article is rubbish also let you on, this is the role of the Red Guards Baidu this one features the team greatness! Although Baidu woven been dissolved, but Baidu fueled by dirty practices inside and outside of this evil will never change, this is the most important feature of Baidu, Baidu is also the main reason no yellow standings quality article.

We hooking come on confused Baidu, Baidu Zhezhi Red Guard dog human hooking little esoteric nor esoteric, that simple and very simple, as long as we anger a little, let's be transformed into the garbage, but exactly who more garbage than anyone else, more rogue, more dirty? I do not hooking know, like cooking, you say put less salt, I say put more salt to the point, he said, to put salt into the salt tank, the result is unknown. Creating morbid morbid social life, are just hooking group sucker! !

Who Love It and Who Hate It

no a chinese like bidu

  • I hate Baidu, dick promotion, the push is not pushing.

  • Pushing full launch should be Landlord # Today .

  • Help customers find a picture, the picture on the Baidu search.

  • Enter a "YZH" Nigerian thing 36 full-out, someone or female customers, not on the chart, so stick subjects under their own harmony, interested .

  • The common navigation Baidu, Baidu music, hot news on Baidu Baidu home page is already a habitt...

    The Enemy Of Google, Eever Helped Someones To Drive Google Aaway Out of China

    this player is good, that player cattle, as Baidu music to the simple and natural to use. Is not watching a movie on the Internet to see what news to listen to songs

    bidu melware

    This player is good, that player cattle, as Baidu music to the simple and natural to use. Is not watching a movie on the Internet to see what news to listen to songs. Changzhou Electromechanical,Many other places can not find the music here will give me a surprise, just like when he began to use Baidu mp3 music, and later other products began to use more than anything else, I feel now back to the original, with short after the time is not come back to see Baidu music became more fashionable, but also with the times, very good. Many features are also very good, Baidu still have a very localized browser Ah!

    Nowhere To Report If You Are Scammed By Bidu

    bidu scam

    Revision Baidu music, including the launch of Baidu's clients are poor music degrees from last spring not begin to understand.Then the second half was presented a few months Baidu Music VIP. Used for some time, really still feel pretty good, sound quality is also good. Had been using TTPlayer was later won Baidu, now, thousands upgrade to Baidu. Compared with the QQ music, cool dog or something, Baidu is doing a simple and intuitive, giving a clear feeling.

    Only recently started using Baidu music, talk about their feelings now. 1, the Home interface is more common that type, but each song player interface is a rolling picture, have more features.2, the sound quality is good, it sounds pretty comfortable.

    Individuals prefer Baidu music radio station, song collection is very classic, but there is a serious problem is that the high frequency of the song played repeatedly, often after only playing one or two songs and playing the same song. The desktop is most needed tucao lyrics, and feel with a very used, not on the screen to adjust the size of the position of the lyrics directly, you must go to get set up and do not remember, next time you open still need to be set. Put the mouse on the minimize icon is not displayed now listen to the songs, hear the sudden want to know the name of the song, you need to point to open again, very convenient.

    The Optimization, Getting Right

    tested rogue bidu

    M fans desolate W,1024 Good! Super super like lyrics that style, occupies the entire window, a non-disturbed feeling, enjoy it. Also like the three main navigation on the top, the visual effect is very good, very consistent with my operating habits. There are single-part song, like most of the so pick one song with a single listen, I hope there are more single more and better songs.

    Good care to read Bodhisattvas,Baidu TTPlayer inherits the advantages of music, especially the songs on the computer will be able to keep pace sent to the phone via a wireless network, the more convenient. There is little need to improve links to the lyrics too, there are a lot of sync, the lack of more people to edit, you should refuel.Tonight nosebleed flooding. Why not 5 stars, the song is now very difficult to find a single search lyrics from Baidu music meet, to put it is that occasionally hear the lyrics but remember not accurate, then lose a few words from Baidu music is not what you want to find songs found.The second disadvantage is not flawed: Kim V HD sound quality, the user can open frequently used free exchange time.

    Saidu actually already have the capital to make music, a customer has a powerful search, music search, as long as there is again a copyright on it, if Baidu is put a nice acquisition, estimated now every day sounds not so cattle, how should I say, too late now, when I was in a lot of everyday sounds, because there's not money-definition sound quality, although I do not have time to download high-quality traffic, but the feeling is very close!

    Visitors Lost Their Profit But Refused to Compante By Bidu

    bidu logo

    Lanmao paradise.I have been using PC mobile terminal are in use, search download Duman convenient, but the music is not comprehensive enough, oh, need to be strengthened, as well as the client interface is cluttered, as shrimp and other software so fresh, you need to continue to improve ah ~Experts recommend.Baidu is the largest music a tool for listening to music I usually use, although in revision, adjustment, but I believe every adjustment, revision are certainly in order to provide better and better music quality to the user, who would say soon, the staff worked hard.

    Network Security Officer Network Security Officer

    humlited by buidu

    Mobile client recently added a feature that is the right of the search icon there. Can detect ambient sound, and then determine the songs. Just God, will be humming long after, you know what songs. Roommate put good songs do not ask him to, and he will be able to detect what to download.Been using Baidu music, rich in resources, listen to the song basically can be found. In particular, say that online listening, said is the highest quality sound, very good, but if you want to download only download the standard quality, want to download a higher quality sound only to use the money to buy. Listen to have completed the online course may meet the demand.In addition to watercress, st, a music player, favorite website, I hope to do better at sharing a little bit - because Baidu share Sina microblogging Sina I click to jump to before they can listen to, this will do st good point, can be listened to directly.

    I'm a dog with a cool little more, but also often search for your favorite music with Baidu music, because can not find elsewhere, can be found here. Good, but sometimes troublesome downloads.A lot of people are on the Baidu should have a sense of intimacy, although Baidu music not as high-end PC music software, but there are also account login and music collections and other functions, no matter where, you can listen to your own collection of favorite music. To listen to the original flavor of music or Baidu good music. Baidu music pages are often in songs, eliminating unnecessary software installed PC music (among other does not belong to your own computer, friends, Internet cafes, the company's.TTPlayer like to use a long time ago, and now TTPlayer become Baidu music! Really like! Because music is like Baidu mobile client interface and sound good, so I chose Baidu music. Functions like listening to the radio and use the inside of the heart! There is also a fun song is that it can identify songs oh,I called the Little consumption of fish fly.Search music still like to Baidu music search, habits, before learning the background music when the latter are in it to find, but also re-classification refinement go.

    Bidu Guardian Security Forum Security Forum

    bidu still a gogue

    I am a senior Baidu users, especially Wikipedia and all the measurements inside. For Baidu music, I'd say pretty good, but when Suman, Baidu concerts card, and if this can be resolved, the better.I have such a big China is to make progress in the music, the students had a Baidu music download, can K song, as you strive to improve the function of keeping the market point of praise.In addition to the watercress, the most commonly used tool for amateur casual feel Baidu FM FM to do even better than watercress, watercress provides two functions do not give me: a song and lyrics on display.If the opportunity now to give me a new phone to buy if you can buy a 9508 labor I are not your thing born. Bought only about three months out of a lot of problems. A: Mobile hot hot up more than the average cell phone, and I did so with apples burns, eighty percent of the electricity twenty minutes gone. Two: often stuck for a long time did not respond, five seconds or so can be good. Three: Wireless network switch is always open, back and forth several times to restart good. Look for sale, sale casual perfunctory, simply do not responsible. Baidu Baidu Post Bar Defender Bar official platform certification concerns.

    Baidu Baidu reliable defender is simply produced the system's new software tools, a collection of computer acceleration, system cleaning, security, maintenance, and software management capabilities, trying to provide users with lightweight, fast, smart, pure product experience. Baidu guards solemn promise: permanent free, users do not harass, do not stress the user, not peeping user privacy!

    How to Make Meng Baidu

    Post a reply of a defender << Back Baidu Bar.Baidu guards forced me hook! ! ! TM now Baidu is getting garbage, the next thing I TM TM also have to install shit cloud butler? I last posted it yet TM Tm have to log in even his thing could not have turned the page? Do you want to do do not roll, do not blind us dog eyes, Lv. Ma I did your daughter, I did not open the CF TM hang you seal my number on grass you do not want to make money you are not you a bitch I will never play CF the Austrian Ma you remember and then seal it CF who do not play sealed drafted wife Ma ye die you die you do a good yellow ah Tencent Tencent quickly closed it. Baidu television ** your mom can do? Baidu television ** your mom can do? Baidu television ** your mom can do? Baidu television ** your mom can do? Baidu television ** your mom can do?

    Old Kim: Baidu is the largest search engine, over the years, the objective is also to make a contribution to the domestic information technology. However, Baidu's reputation at home and abroad and has favorable and unfavorable, were criticized for the unusual.

    Baidu's accusations, mainly greed, lack of social responsibility and moral bottom line of a large monopolistic companies. Recent media constantly reports Baidu search ranking competition issues, Baidu infringement, Baidu search results without reviewing mixed questions. So Baidu search causing losses to customers, to society problems. In fact, these problems in the early years has already been revealed in the appeal to the regulatory authorities, so why Baidu can go its own way, autocratic it?
    I think, no wonder so few reasons:


    Rare Email Marketing Traffic

    bidu scam still

    First, Baidu monopoly industry. Baidu through their own efforts, won wide acclaim and receiving users, which should be in the affirmative. However, due to various reasons, some of the technologies and capabilities to better peer out of the market, makes Baidu the enemy without fighting the soldiers, so cocky, pie heaven.

    Second, the industry regulator weakness. Baidu's problem is not one or two days, the Internet is more powerful than the swindling rampant pornography is not a day for two days, but we seemed to be the absence of regulatory authorities, only engage in inventory movement, no lasting management model.

    Third, we have a serious lack of corporate social responsibility and ethics play. If all aspects of the Internet industry can abide by professional ethics, then those issues today, there would be no CCTV exposure.Of course, the question Baidu domestic economic climate atmosphere is not correct reasons, there is a monopoly in miniature. The country is now in the economic sphere, social management, establish justice, to establish morality of the time. Let integrity, moral failure, mercenary, profit hurt the interests of consumers, harm public interests rich people never lose the opportunity, people can have a Sense of Happiness!

    Few rogue once you die? Landlord: Chinese folk wisdom.Too angry, Baidu again secretly raped me, raped the majority of our users. Five years ago, I experienced the Baidu rogue, when I set the Baidu home, I did not expect Baidu Baidu unwittingly help me install the toolbar, how to delete are deleted can not afford, and finally found a computer curriculum, friends, help me get a half an hour, and only then Baidu toolbar to remove, just after the Remove Baidu Toolbar, I'll homepage changed. Was very sick on Baidu, so then I go to work in the company, Baidu looking to advertise my boss, the boss asked for my opinion, I have firmly rejected Baidu.

    Toolbar nausea has not completely removed from within my heart, and now, Baidu rogue way to upgrade it again, once again revealing the Li shameless face. Many people do take hao123 home, which is very convenient. I am no exception, but Baidu again covertly raped us. These days I find that I open the home page (ie hao123), then the address bar (not the search bar) input I want to get into the site, but some web site, that is, except for some very well-known Web site, enter the URL of the other, and then press Enter, will be very slow reaction seen, but in the end will be transferred to Baidu Union search page, the URL you are looking for in the Baidu search page in the league, you have to search through Baidu Union, click on the link above, you can enter into the site. Baidu this rogue practice, followed the telecommunications previous rogue practice that the holder of the browser, when you enter the URL, not let you directly into the site, but to let you first enter the telecommunications advertising space. We might try, for example, enter some unknown hao123 above URL address bar, or is your company web site and so on. For example, I entered a foreign search engine (I'm not advertising, this engine is not Chinese, but be examples) Baidu this approach really received a stone N birds effect, not only to promote the Baidu Union, but also let you guys this has been used directly to the target site users to by clicking on the link Baidu Union on into the target site, such as Baidu Union contribution to the click-through rate, which means advertisers have to pay for your clicks, adding revenue to Baidu. Baidu this trick, never too hard too, but those of us suffering friends, could have direct access to visit the site, and now have to wait one minute into the Baidu Union, and then into the target site, etc. So, we have to get permission Baidu in Baidu transit, in order to enter the destination. And Baidu corporate advertisers, originally owned fixed Visitors, Visitors can directly enter the URL into the corporate Web site, but Baidu subtly let these companies fixed visitors each visit, both corporate advertisers leak let dig fees.

    I can not figure out, Li so talented, why moral qualities so low, why always have robbers, rapists thinking, users have to rob, rape users only for pleasure. Li, in which your property, how much is ill-gotten gains ah! From today onwards. You and your family into my curse on the list, I hope you go bankrupt, your ill-gotten gains the majority of Baidu corporate advertiser, please polish your eyes right, this time in calculating how your money to pay an extra company, how you work with him is worth it!

    I hereby issue a call for Robin I am small, I do not rule out a very difficult decision to make, is to go to the Ministry of complaints against Baidu, and Baidu to hire a lawyer to be sued for compensation. I hope that the majority of users to support the practice of network trolls evildoer to fight!

    "Baidu big rogue, but also my hard-earned money!"

    Troubled Baidu Today Also Suffered An Embarrassing Scene

    Buy cheap trafficripoff bid

    Suppose you have already crossed over the whole intenet to try to find a place to buy cheapest traffic, here is the right one and the ONLY ONE FOR TARGET REAL HUMAN VISITORS TRAFFIC. There is possible someone who provides 10,000 visitors for merely $4.5, howevr it's either bot-generated non-human visitors traffic or trash traffic from traffic exchange application or totally irrelevant traffic gerneated by expired domain. So this is really you deamed traffic ever, the cheapest traffic with super high quality.

    Held in Guangzhou, "the search to win the world. Wisdom cited the future," Baidu marketing conference site, the parties came to replace the Baidu Baidu customers become the protagonist, meeting be part of the guests began to make trouble "hit wherever he goes," It is at the scene witnessed the staff said, "was partially lift chairs, pulled out a banner on stage OSMEs' BAIDU SCAM, liar', so that the meeting does not go entirely."

    Fore the word group of consumers, the company accused Baidu condone their hard-earned money scams agents, some consumers emotional, tear down the podium, pulled the banner, and wrote "Baidu big liar, but also my hard-earned money," the , the scene was chaotic.

    Search in google, soso and other search engines' search to win the world. Wisdom cited the future ", the first page can see a lot of" hit the field, "the article, and in Baidu, one could not see. Baidu is indeed human flesh.

    Interview last month to do a Baidu Phoenix Nest algorithm programmers. Asked his reason for leaving, he said, was mainly the values ??of discord.He originally thought he was doing cellular system optimization suggestions can really help to bring customers wishing to use the algorithm to provide services to SMEs. Later it was discovered that all of the optimization for one purpose only: to allow companies more money. "Optimization Tips" will continue to prompt the user to increase the price, increased running time, the user is prompted competitors than their high price. Terrifying, a. corporate greed and the employees can not afford to leave.



    Baidu Rogue Promotion Was Due to Re-Cheng Beigao Claims 5,000,000

    bidu investmet bubblebidu bubble

    Baidu PPC will be "upgraded" into the hive, what is the difference? A: Customers spend more money up. The other is the difference reflected. For example: 1) PPC 0.3 yuan from, how many ranked several specific settings can be checked out, the abolition of the hive, so you can not see the price of peers. Customers into the dark operation. 2) "Optimization Tips" keep telling you competitors' prices much higher than you, you are now the price is set too low ranking was too far up.

    Replaced with "honeycomb", "PPC" high!

    Some people say that you too "PPC" Oh, you do not vote on the line, do not bullshit. That look Dangdang CEO, Jingdong CEO how to say: Dangdang Li Guoqing: We found Dangdang, they deliberately compete website name, so you can close the house and shoved the money, the United States called "accurate"; site navigation site more evil: you do not pay is not published.Jingdong Liu Qiang East: Anyway, "Jingdong", "Dangdang" Several of the key words of our own brands should not receive millions of years of "protection money"! Companies must have the basic bottom line!

    Baidu own brand on other people also received several million words "rape, rape charges along." Do not pay? OK, the word is linked to your brand on competitors' sites.

    Insiders say that starting this year to promote the brand in all Baidu has this one: Company officials must promise not to publicly criticize abusive Baidu, otherwise stop the service immediately and reclaim the deposit.

    Han's "For cooking oil, denouncing Baidu," said Google scanned Chinese writers of books, the first pay tens of dollars per copy, and then display the directories and summary, if you want to read more, you pay to download, Google Library and Chinese again writers split. Baidu library to ignore the results we are all writers never read all the books free download.

    Piracy, writers do not give money, do not negotiate with people.

    Then take a look at Baidu's Product: Baidu say: Also think they do not look on Sina Weibo.

    Come on, people Sina although copy twitter, at least have their own innovative, V, has forwarded comments. Others put forward Tencent Weibo, at least the "fans" to the audience. Sohu Weibo people do not limit the number of words.

    Baidu does not have a word plagiarism is not bad going to die? The interface is not exactly plagiarism will die? Half a brain would die?

    Colleague commented that the teacher in charge of Baidu Catcher interactive skill on this point, completely plagiarized a Sina Weibo is the fastest. I said, no corporate culture in a company, without thinking Catcher become a teacher.

    Baidu's hard-earned money in order to be hurt small business owners who to be forced to pay millions to buy their brand word Jingdong Dangdang who although not written anything for a good book, but at least the effort of writers. For music copyright owners,shouted one:"Baidu big rogue, but also my hard-earned money!"



    Please forgive my disrespect to, after all, in your youth, is to allow my wife seventy-eight buttressed by three or four children to prove family thriving.

    Angry Baidu But Count Your Rogues

    bidu melware

    360 software users search in Baidu, but found that "Baidu mobile assistant" software such as Baidu is inexplicable installed in the computer or mobile phone. Users believe that their interests have been violated, is a serious acts of hooliganism promotion, so the strong demand of the majority of users, Qihoo 360 had to Baidu sued the Haidian court, claims 5 million yuan.

    June 16, Qihoo 360 v. Baidu case of unfair competition in the Haidian court hearing, and attracted a large number of users and the media attention. The focus is on the case when the user through the Baidu search and download 360 security guards and other software, "Baidu Mobile Assistant" software was forcibly bundled software installation on the 360 program, and mobile phone users versa. Qihoo 360 requires Baidu to stop acts of unfair competition, and act on their own to apologize to the majority of users.

    According to Qihoo 360's attorney introduced users to search in Baidu browser 360, while 360 Safe, 360 mobile guards, 360 phone assistant software, Baidu malicious tied by mandatory installation in the form of "free riders", forcing originally want installation plaintiffs users to install their software software to enhance the "Baidu mobile assistant" installation number and market share, a serious violation of the Ministry of Industry, "a number of provisions to regulate the Internet information service market order" Article V, VII and VIII requirements, but also a violation of the provisions of 9, 13 and 14 of the "Internet terminal software services industry self-regulation of the Convention", at the expense of the user's right to know and the right to choose the same time, serious damage to the legitimate interests of the plaintiff . 360 attorney believes that the above acts of unfair competition caused by 360, it petitioned the court to order Baidu Haidian stop acts of unfair competition, and make compensation.

    As one of China's Internet industry with Alibaba and Tencent par three giants, Baidu has been criticized is left behind in the development of mobile Internet, and thus resulting in a substantial middle stock prices. In order to restore the confidence of investors and users, Baidu last year to $ 1.9 billion acquisition of 91 radio and use the search terms of dominance by malicious bundle, mandatory installation of other "free rider" to promote its application software, although this behavior caused a much controversy, but this result is that rogue promotion that Baidu has quickly installed capacity of 3.14 billions applications, however, this behavior is a violation of the right to information, the user's right to choose, such products, will sooner or later abandoned the market.

    The legal profession, said that if this behavior on foreign Baidu, the defendant may have closed down long ago, but in China it is always safe, still do whatever they want, "like this black sheep must be punished." The source said, the only way to maintain the normal order of the market, to protect the interests of consumers and other software vendors. Currently, this is the Haidian court for further proceedings.

    Government revenue and expenditure reforms will be implemented next year the government open operator "breakdown" (2006-03-13) XDJMs, to help assess what Kazakhstan, which can be considered plagiarism do (2006-03-13.) Also on the Taiwan Strait count how do overcome. (2006-03-13)

    We look, the following are some of the pop-up when I visit the site to a page, the want to paste the chart, but unfortunately will not, so only use words to it.I used to be very careful before himself, and spared no preventive measures, the Internet is safe, what rogue ah, step aside,I will not be fooled. Until the afternoon on the net ( = algorithm), when the problem arises! ! Show the following page! Began to disagree, refresh. No, painted, or does not like to go to the original page flashed 90% of the time, it was gone, replaced by a Baidu search page! I panicked, carefully read the contents of the page, wrong! Also think of last night, there have been such cases, time was on the horizon, but then brush once normal, but this time. I used to think Baidu can not do such a wicked nasty things about watching other people feel wronged rogue plug-in it, the world's largest search engine! Now they know the victims of the, wrong, rogue, Baidu! Now with Windows malware cleaning guru deleted, I do not know is not effective, not restart, too angry to be here to criticize it, that we will be careful! ! Do not you agree, do not you know, Baidu will rape you.


    bidu copyright infrigment

    • Qingming, every day is another addition to the Chinese Spring Festival family reunion. As an unmarried man and psychological normal, at the occasion of grave total longing eyes of those cheerleaders sister who dressed to the nines. After a few months of long wrap dress, girl who has finally been released. Can not take into account the situation, urgent relatives and ancestors demonstrate in front of their own well-developed gesture.
      2. As a family, the only unmarried people, married the topic is of old people bored. Old light secretly thinking lining in this festival, to discuss my marriage, whether some unlucky. Then I thought, the old saying that marriage is the tomb of love, this time to discuss the legislation inscriptions essays naturally very appropriate, and immediately felt ashamed for their shallowness.
    • Women are said not to marry for the purpose of love is bullying.
    • Unfortunately, the old light search under "rogue" original meaning, refers to the loss of land or lose the people who lost their spiritual home country or the. According to the "Historical Records family of Confucius" contains Confucius is the product of their parents Kazushi's) he is with grand ideas and ingenious saints, unfortunately he lost the country, reduced to a "rogue", filled with ambition can not play, had traveled extensively spread thought.
    • So, once again poisoned the old light.
    • In fact, the old spirit of light has been the idol is I. He preached to abandon etiquette, rule of law, destroy all human systems, inaction, like plants to fend for themselves. So he is a pure "rogue", is China's first original anarchist. Old realm of natural light than his old, but unfortunately his old Younger if the 2600 will not be abandoned know this materialistic world. We value the relationship between wealth and rights. So my parents who, in this era we all loaded decent, the most difficult is that we do not pretend that this rogue decent line of business, please respect for those of us who are engaged in peripheral industries children are.
    • If you follow the original intent, including the loss of rogue people of the land. So, with only 70 years of land use rights have been ranked among the country people are hooligans.
    • So, poor old pale want to apply for non-genetic dreams dashed.
    • Four years ago I registered two accounts in Baidu, simply submit a user name and password. Can Baidu, blog posting and paste it, three things are used.
    • In early receive an error message, the account you want to know the registration Baidu phone verified...


    bidu rogue

    Kumi logged in, login account two months ago, their personal information to show unfinished, to verify my mailbox, you can activate the space, which often threaten it? Fortunately, just a few Bowen reprint. Log in and often without any prompts. In January, just before they posted it issued a document, but each must be verification code Huitie posts, and difficult to identify, and sometimes 7-8 times fishes to lose, just really annoyed registration may not be required. But about three weeks ago Posted, two seconds later lost, followed by hair, and lost. A week ago, I replied to one, but that it "posts failed, unknown error" for 10 consecutive times are suggesting that, at the time that this is the system settings. Replies much this week, the content is often somehow lost around 80% now, and most are issued only for a few seconds, there are a few anomalies display accounts, postings are shielded, there is no other tips, post the list does not find it, later normal. The day before yesterday consecutive loss, at noon today made ??a theme stickers, paste it there at night to open a prompt, full-paste system account is shielded, all posts must not met, the phone number you want to test it before actually reopened!

    I find myself reply to posts, not as I found common, "Content is masked," but there is no trace of traces. This year, I am forwarding multiple sites only a cultural revolution, the anti-rightist account historical data is deleted, the content is masked, angry and helpless! Looked agreement posted it, I did not have any violations, without prior notice to remove the case of direct advertising has hair, and I used to paste the link, paste it in the same section, or, is it ....... In the bar before posting, there are sensitive words will not be issued, you need to check yourself, even the toilet hole is also shielded, it seems a huge number. Received notice that I have "fat advertising, yellow diagrams cheating content, or use the machine for malicious sign, posts and other behavior" is certainly programmed responses, otherwise why did not specifically point out?
    December 25 has not yet reopened. "Unexcused Tip posts masked problems have been fixed, if you encounter, go here feedback", 129 pages.



    Baidu Hooliganism Three: Burning Bridges Have Become Accustomed to

    Around Baidu five hooliganism.One of Baidu hooliganism: call you make rank, not three days after the site went from Baidu disappeared.Baidu salesman to call you, so that you do PPC, this time to ask your web site, if you do not want to bid, do not tell them, tell them you're in danger. They may continue twelve weeks to call you to let you do bid, and ultimately, make sure you really do once they retaliated, put your website in Baidu inside of a hair pulling is not left. bidu melware tested

    This phenomenon is not the case, is a common phenomenon, to me at least 10 more friends, have this experience. Just last week, a friend to open a law firm website, and it was to engage in Baidu up. We ask themselves my friends, you know how widespread the phenomenon. You do not say Baidu rogue rogue?

    Baidu hooliganism two: the original nature of your website ranking well in order to get better marketing results, did Baidu's bid ranking naturally. But immediately make you regret that you suddenly. The original natural ranking now disappeared without a trace.This is a more common phenomenon, and so many Baidu customers very sorry and unhappy, however, no way, but also to continue to do Baidu bid. Baidu to do so, is to force you to long-term.Do rely on Baidu bid. You do not say Baidu rogue rogue?

    Baidu have today's achievements, agents across the country has achieved a lot to him, when the world is shot down, one by one,have been kicked Baidu. Baidu traffic today, the contribution of individual owners do not really small, but Baidu behavior of individual owners is getting worse, more and more hate. Traffic nice site, should put Baidu search box to please Baidu. Otherwise, K top university. Still, every day countless K off personal website. Especially in the last few months, even sick, numerous owners are Baidu frustrating sleep well.You do not say Baidu rogue rogue? Baidu hooliganism four: do not let me bid on Baidu, but also harassing me every day.A few months ago, Baidu salesman called to let me do the bidding, I said OK, ah, to withdraw money it. Because before I did bid on Google, get good results, so the tests are wanted Baidu bid Look. So he registered the Baidu account to promote www. **. Com tests. (The site does not open, lest harm myself.) But Baidu salesman but later gave my reply is that our manager said, you do not give. Do not do it, even also I deleted the site in Baidu.A few days later, Baidu hand plucked me once again, I ask what is the reason to call the last reply, Baidu answer procedural error, and finally hand me back to Baidu's ranking.www.**.com to plucking up again.

    However, this does not matter, Chinese people do SEO more and more, but unfortunately I have been very lucky to walk in front of a little Chinese SEO industry, so many people naturally think beyond me. So this station Day often suffer hacker attacks, Trojan invasion, etc., or even those who got some silly diatribe, so let me annoying, since Baidu sealed it closed, it can be quiet. However, Baidu does not make me quiet morning gave me a call in the afternoon for individuals to give me a call and let me do the bidding, I said OK, I'm afraid of you, and I do it to get money. But the results for a long time they will not let me toss to do. So I wasted a lot of time every day, you do not say Baidu this behavior rogue rogue? Baidu hooliganism five: The curse to insult peers! 2008 is coming, state leaders fear most is not Beijing's sandstorms, but the fear in the Olympics to a million people in front of the court in case of foreign athletes shouting curse "SB". Why? Because of the recent a soccer match in Beijing, people shouting SB appeared spectacular, if this scene were numerous foreign media and international friends to see, and that would seriously damage the image of China.However, Baidu has used curse to insult rival Google for several years! We enter curse word "SB" in which Baidu, Baidu deliberately put Google on the first one!

    bidu's product 1

    Baidu this form to insult Google, you do not say Baidu rogue rogue?

    A closer look at the article I wrote, absolutely valid, my group: 122 332 Website I still do not open, such as a Baidu to see, but also a word K.I remember many years ago I used to Google search, just enter a keyword, I immediately jumped out of the page, really convenient. Including its own website where people enter the 'Kingdom of rights' can be to my site to learn, thanks to the Internet, thanks to Google. All this is so natural, do not need to spend a penny, as long as I frequently update the site regularly write articles on video, then it becomes a valuable site, visit people more naturally.

    May not know why, I heard Google to China, agitated, not survive, we can only make a decision to return the Chinese market, I am really feel very sorry, and more good company, ah, ah how good the site, how land and water refused to accept it? Companies really can not figure out how to do soil and water is served in Chinese ah.

    Without Google, they switch to Baidu. Chinese people are accustomed to using Baidu, before like this, now more so than ever. Google may exit no choice but to use Baidu it.

    Baidu Is Nothing But A Rogue

    bidu 2

    With the use of feeling good, slowly like on Baidu, Baidu Baidu accustomed to it.Listen to people say: they use Baidu to do promotion. What words do PPC. Meaning that money to buy keywords, you can make your site rank their front. People point to Baidu how much time, money and more, or much more points, ranking even higher. Think carefully, also normal, like advertising, like to spend money to advertise their website is also needed.Later, this description can be heard: that Baidu is a rogue. I am very surprised to hear, is not it, I feel very good ah. So he asked why say so. They said: "Baidu to earn more money, even hired black hand, point their words every day, and found more money to spend, the more the effect is getting worse."

    I do not believe: large companies such as Baidu, it is impossible to do such a thing ah. If you do so, the brand is not smashed it? This is undoubtedly Banded, the future ahead of earning money, certainly not worth the candle, the company will also dying. Baidu's leaders can not be so short-sighted.Be a coincidence, I have a friend's girlfriend recently to find a part-time job: Internet point is at home advertising, point of time how much money you can earn one day about forty or fifty dollars. Carefully and ask, really Baidu keywords.There really is such a thing. I think it must be the promotion of Baidu salesman dry, in order to increase their income, even using such means, really incredible ah.

    My website is a public class website to the public to provide free learning platform, it is also thought to buy keywords. Previously entered keywords on Baidu, the site in the first page, it is easy to find. Hear such things feel very sorry, only shook his head, was a bit worried as Baidu. Of course, now Baidu is thriving, no sense of crisis may not Baidu, but also how? bidu melawre 2

    Baidu recently often receive a phone call to promote the clerk asked whether Baidu promotion. I said no, I'm proud to say: Enter keywords, our site is on the first page, no problem. Our website is done early, not to mention a public website without promotion.

    Situation can still happen. Recently discovered site visits suddenly dropped, many listeners on my blog a message that can not be found on our website. I typed 'kingdom right', we found the site really gone, has been looking back to find pages 15, only to find the site, how could this happen? Friends do consulting website, they said:. "Definitely Baidu artificial, deliberately placed behind your website, make you anxious, anxious will spend money on keywords" Oh, no, 'the Kingdom of the right to' What kind of Keywords ah, just a personal name, a teacher, one would like to encourage and help the students build self-confidence teacher friend, also known as the Kingdom of the right words, how people come PPC ah.

    Who Smile Finnally

    I smile and shook his head, let him go, if indeed Baidu to do, and that is really disappointing, this is only one downside, so my students can not find me, lost the opportunity to learn. What else can I do? I continue to write articles, do my speech. I only got to do my part on the line, people can not be all-rounder, it is impossible to control everything, just make the best of a clear conscience on the line.A few days later, the right to enter the kingdom, went back to the home page, the site was visited and go up. Yesterday again to enter the kingdom, found that the site had disappeared, fell into the pages 16.

    I wrote this article to help me make friends website said: "Do not publish, when Baidu gave to your site closure.", I thought, was made??. If Baidu employees saw hope Baidu company will give the public an explanation, but also own an innocent.

    I checked the Internet to check the degree of the mission:

    Baidu's mission: to make people the most convenient access to information, find what we seek.

    Baidu's responsibility: to make the world more effectively, so that people are more equitable.

    Baidu's character: simple, can rely on.

    I believe Baidu people can do, look forward to it.


    Posted by Mark Buck- Copyright 2014 - All rights reserved

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