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It's not only Real Human visitors but also



Still struggling to Get Visitors for your Website or Sales Page or Blog ?
Sick and Tired of relying on Google Rankings and
Wasting Money on Expensive Time-Consuming SEO or Expired Domian Irrelevant Traffic that Doesn't Work?

drive quality traffic to website


Niche Target Customers Rush To Your Website
From Personal PC‘s Email Box, Best of The Best Targeted Traffic Is No More Than Email Traffic, The ONLY ONE Email Traffic On The Internet

10000 visitors for 16 dollars

A website that can get 1 million views of traffic is taken as the best website by Alex or by any search engines including Google. A website that get 1 million target visitors is top website in any aspect. But how?

It's the simplest and easiest and also the most money-save and time-save way to just pay for the traffic here.

What Is The Traffic?

Absolutely whitehat, not merely up to 100% whitehat safety, it's surely really human visitors, not merely up to human visitors, each of the visitors is a visitor who is in interested in your offer. Say highly target customers.

You may simply think it out on the base of your own use of email. When seeing an strange email that has nothing to do with you or you are not interested in what it says in the email title, you would simply trash it or delete it or even filter it(draw it to the blackhat.) On the contrary every time when you see a email title that you are interested in you would open the email to read it, and if it attracts you you would further to click the link in the content to visit it for more information. The one who click to visit your website is called a visit in my service gig. Now you should understand why I say each visitor is a target customer that is interested in your offer.Visitors from email

How To Check The Visit Volume

The visit I called here is also known as view in terms of Google. For the target customer view traffic check you may simply use Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tool. If you don't want to use any Google's product as I do let's use the third party website application for it. This website based application is for both url shortening and traffic status, easy to use. You may see clearly your customer ip, visit time, where they are from, to check the traffic bought

Difference From That Of Bot

This is totally not bot driven traffic and Google is smart enough to detect and differ what traffic is from bot and what is from good real human. Simply difference is the traffic from bot is always in very short time, i.e.,2 seconds, and then disappearing. Also the time is even, most of the visit has the same duration. It can't be faked because usually human visitors are varied in visiting duration, some may visit a page for seconds, some may stay there to read the content munities or so. If a bot is designed to stay on a page for minutes, it would play ineffectively at all. Who would make a bot that works even much slower and ineffective than a person?

Another model of traffic sold by people online is a similar to bot generated traffic called Traffic Exchange. There are those web application to ask user to sign up and cilck randomely one or a couple of link. Then  minimize the browser and let PC stay running. In this way the user can get some traffic for his specific url. Nobody would even bother himself to see what websites he has opened, not menetion to convert the traffic to sales! This is a blackhat way totally for the purpose to fool Google bots, useless traffic at all.

Since You Are Along With My Traffic Gig

why buy traffic

  • You need not struggle for traffic with sweat, time, effort and investment.

  • You need not invest in SEO which must take your time months and years.

  • You need not to wait for months and years, instead you can get target visit instantly.

  • You need not buy keyword domain, buy aged domain, hire SEO, build backlink, post here and there, for months and years, I give you direct target customer visits.

  • You need not...

    Get Instant Customers To Boost Your Sales

    Instant Sales With Emal Traffic, Without Help of Google

    instant sales without help of google by eamil traffoc

    Traffic is, let's say, a final target for almost any website owner. And traffic has never been easy to get. So people struggle online by trying every methods. Yet only a few get good effect and most of them failed in getting good traffic. A website that get about 130,000 views can rank on world's top 500 website list. So I ever said to my friend, half true and half joking, that I can make a world's top website over night. This is absolutely true and chances are here for you.

    Buy Targeted Traffic To Your Website

    target triffic target visitors

    So you don't buy website traffic merely instead you buy traffic targeted to your website. For insider everybody may know buying email traffic is equal to boy high quality website traffic. When buying email traffic what the best is it is very very safe for Google. You may check my own website(this site itself) that got millions of traffic every month, it only help it rank hundreds of keywords, no any side effect.

    Much Help For Keyword Ranking

    buy email traffic to boost keyword ranking on Google

    In most cases my traffic help your site rank keyword as well. It is as matter of fact a secret that seldom is known by people that Google counts traffic as one of critical factors for a page to rank keyword. My experience told me email traffic can even directly have your keyword ranked top 10 or top 30 with 3 days for a brand-new page upon it you did nothing of work to promote it.

    So an extra benefit is it is possible your keyword will also rank on Google top along with the traffic you bought from me.

    So It is possible you get not only Target Visitors but also your keyword ranked on Google top 10 as well I don't gurantee the later one though. This is because some visitors may come from high authority sites like CNN, Paypal, BBC.etc.

    Buy Visitors To Website

    instant sales traffic

    To buy visitor traffic, the smartest way is not to your domain, instead, to your sales page because it in most cases can generate sales directly. I ever worked dedicatedly to send people visitors to their sales page 2 year back, which got excellent effect and also had me make good money. So if you have a sales page for your offer, let me directly send traffic to your sales page.

    Buy Customer

    buy visiitors to site

    One of more reasons why every smart guy should buy visitors traffic is that you can't do better in any way and any effort of years than a professional guy, an expert dedicated in data collection and traffic sending. For instance, only my application for email sending may worth thousands of dollars, it is totally a private programmer that can send email 100% inbox 3 millions per hour. For target email collection, it is also a combination of three private applications that can collect highly target email 1 million per hour. Even it is complex to only run these programmers that I've developed it step by step for years. How could you be in such an efficient way to get your customer. Sure I run those to target any niche required by clients.

    Mostly the common practice to get customers has two way, one is to rank keyword on Google and the other is to set up a squeeze page to grab customer's email. For the former one it has never been easy, and it's costly and time-consuming. For the later one it has never been effective if comparing with my gig. How many customer you can get from the squeeze page? It is always a bad news in this. So you are always afar from the benefit door with just a little customer. But I give you bulk visitors and can give you instantly, instant visitors staying on your website or sales page to read your sales letter word by word. Mostly some of them would buy your offer instantly if your offer is too attractive to have them wait for no time. So it is a shortcut to boost sales and website to buy real visitors traffic.

    Buy Traffic Alert

    best buy is not to buy traffic exchange and expired domain traffic

    There is a guy on blackhatworld forum to provide people 10,000 visitors for 4.5 dollars and 33 dollars for 100,000 visitors and some providers on fiverr, the problem is it is well-known for danger from a blackhat member and low quality from fiverr. If you site is hit by Google penalty because of your traffic bought there it's not a surprise. There are so many people have already experienced that nightmare of the same story.

    Also what the traffic they provide is expired domain traffic. That's not a good idea to buy such kind of traffic at all.

    Why Never Buy Expired Domain Traffic

    never buy expired domain traffic

    An expired domain is a domain the original owner of the website has given the domain up mostly for no benefit. Some other one then bought it. Many flipper even try to get so-called traffic domain of expired domain. Some website of expired domain has some regular traffic which is called expired domain traffic.

    You may imagine the condition of worthless traffic, even its original owner felt no haste to give it up. The other aspect is how it can be helpful for you for those visitors stayed on a weight loss expired domain(website) redirect your website that provide real estate for sales?
    Even if Google can't detect irrelevant traffic to your site which is possible to result to Google penalty, it would never turn the traffic to a single sale.

    It's nothing to do with your niche, with Target Traffic.


    Rare Email Marketing Traffic

    your dreamed visitors and traffic

    It's clear email marketing traffic is the best of best traffic, and is always rare highest quality traffic you can't find out across the whole internet because a few provide this service. Most of traffic providers provide one of the two models of traffic: traffic generated by bot or traffic generated by expired domain.

    Sure it's 100% Google Safe Quality Traffic,100% Adsense safe, 100% safe for any Google product. Acutally Google like this kind of traffic very much so it can only promote your site for higher authority from Google.

    Now you might have understood why traffic from personal email is a golden nugget. As I said in the beginning of the article, It's not only Real Human Visitors but also TARGET VISITORS!

    Also Cheapest Traffic

    Buy cheap trafficplace to buy cheapest traffic

    Suppose you have already crossed over the whole intenet to try to find a place to buy cheapest traffic, here is the right one and the ONLY ONE FOR TARGET REAL HUMAN VISITORS TRAFFIC. There is possible someone who provides 10,000 visitors for merely $4.5, howevr it's either bot-generated non-human visitors traffic or trash traffic from traffic exchange application or totally irrelevant traffic gerneated by expired domain. So this is really you deamed traffic ever, the cheapest traffic with super high quality.


    Lighting Traffic of Real Human Visitors

    lighting speed of target trafficboost your money site with lighting speed target visitors

    I said above it's a sort of instant traffic to your web page, acturally it is not merely instant but it's lighting speed. In most cases 1 minute later after I rolled out my work to send visitors to your web page you will
    see visitors coming and increasing dramtically. Usuaslly in one hour you can get at least 1,000 visitors and 100,000 visitors in 12 hours.

    So if you need specify time when I will send you visitors to your web page, just let me know and I will try my best to fit your request to send the traffic in right time.

    If no specified time, I will carry normal work that send the traffic you ordered within 3 days for buyer who ordered for 10,000 visitors, 25,000 visitors and 50,000 visitors, within 5 days for buyer who orderd for 100,000 visitors, and within 30 days for buyers who ordered 1,000,000 visitors.



    Sure this is traffic that can send to any page you specified, your blog, Facebook page, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, anywhere if there is a link

    Email Traffic Feautures

    web traffic

    I am sure you've heard of email traffic but have never heard that you can buy email traffic because
    up to now I haven't seen a service on the whole internet beside this one.

    More email traffic features are as follows:


    Email Traffic

    • Totally whitehat, Google friendly
      2. Visitors mostly from personal PC, some from server because they run on server
    • Each click to your web page is a unique click in terms of Google
    • Big varaity of visited time, some may leave your page soon and some stay there longer
    • Best direct sales for your offer
    • Best direct sales for your offer
    • Instant visiting, instant traffic
    • Big volmue of target visitors
    • Super high quality traffic
    • And more...


    Deliver almost instantly
    unconditional 100% money back
    guarantee with no questions asked!


    I don't think your current site has gotten 1,000,000 views up to now. Yet if you buy this, you can get 1 million target visitors view in 30 days.

    So, go for it before the pricing changed.


    10,000 for Only $4.50

    Payment for buy 10000 human visitors traffic



    25,000 for Only $10.00

    Payment for buy 10000 human visitors traffic



    50,000 for Only $18.00

    Payment for buy 10000 human visitors traffic



    100,000 for Only $33.00

    Payment for buy 10000 human visitors traffic



    1,000,000 for Only $300.00

    Payment for buy 10000 human visitors traffic


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