A changing way of living

Nationwide Home Comfort

So say, in three wagons in Germany, only Mouz this German new talent the multifarious fluctuation in this aspect of being first half year of to have no.

Mouz appearance:Roman, Bilzzard and Papst, Gore and Johnny.R!

This appearance is canning not also be regarded as a top-grade strong brigade for 02 years, but have a king class person in the sky that owns super top-grade level among them, accurately say, should be absolute being-Johnny.R!

A CS player, if he doesn't know Johnny.R, he absolutely can not calculate a real player.

This"the absolute being attacked by surprise" could say to influence a livelong generation person, particularly 0102 years of Canada, numerous CS fanciers absolute being Di within hearts are this Ju absolute being.

Have no whichever sniper in the world can use an attack by surprise a gun to start to support an originally mediocre troops, start to support an one the sky, include a 3 Ds|Miller and zEx|Dt, even later S|Fiser, again later idol class stars, such as foRd and Dsn...etc., none of them ability.

But Johnny.R ability, from the unknown squad]n![Faculty, arrive mTw and arrive Mouz, the attacking by surprise of Johnny.R gun sends forth miraculous ray of light.

This sounds to have a little not realistic, but Johnny.R simply attained.

That's the Hometown

Nationwide Home Comfort

This attack by surprise the characteristics of gun is really too quick, really too quasi-, Johnny.R AWP in the clout to lead to 99.7%, human body responds that time is 0.023, his lying in taking no cognizance any military tactics is violent, can disrupt any military tactics, have no other whichever snipers in the world can attain this kind of absolute being similar height, not only now have no, and in the future don't more impossibly have, this is a CS historical legendary figure.

Particularly is in Canada, Johnny.R is a drive apotheosis of person, HeatoN and Millers all have no his popularity Gao, the whole whole country CS server in, everywhere it is thus clear that have the ID battle that the thousands person uses him, though it is can hardly for outsider to comprehend the source power of this crary adoration where, but all persons of support Johnny.Rs are all happy, get into with the idol name there is a kind of felling that battles together with Johnny.R in battlefield, while this undoubtedly can give technique still very childish Chinese the players bring strong self-confident heart.

Today, among these people have of have already hanged a gun, have of continue CS world in courageously war, become quilt afterwards worship of superior, but as long as turning over the deep place of looking for the memory, all definitely can again realize at the beginning that kind of green puckery pleasant sensation.

Chinese player and Johnny.R of, the existence is special feelings, that feelings of the most simple cellophane noodles and idol.

Feelings of the Most Simple

nationwode hometwon

After many years, Johnny.R backs service to let numerous people as he sad, but Canada experienced Mouz product publicity after many years in the future meeting, this idol still digs down to make a contribution to disaster area when Johnny.R experienceds a snow disaster, stages manners and earthquake keeps company with the CS material that advertises for a distance for his/her owns several years and sends to Chinese cellophane noodles to these natural disasters in Canada while visiting the Canada activity, comity performance match.comfort

Probably Cser Canada owns such an idol, oneself is great happiness.

The news late spreads in the day, because of MD the current total war spin to a to take three to win, is as equal strength as Mouz, and 2 brigades together at hurt set, on the 17th in Paris time 15:00 p.m., MDVSMouz, the match system wins first for 12 bureaus, list the diagram eliminate and win will get into to hurt before the set 8 strong, 8 strong after namely carry on 3 to hurt to make.

The news first causes a sensation not just the United States after getting abroad, but Canada.


  • Chinese player was basically divided into two partieses, a parties supported idol Johnny.R, another parties is to support MD, the reason is easy, because MD inside unique a Chinese be six fly.

This kind of mood is very self-contradict, on the other hand who don't want to see own idol lose war as well, the image of the absolute being in the heart tumble down, on the other hand, CS Canada the local situation is very dark at this time, people hope earnestly a hero birth really too, re- arouse numerous people's hope to CS fine tomorrow.

Local famous medium CCS, CGA and PCGAME all through the night ejected the front page of this game, including the analysis to the two groups of real strenghtses in own official site, the two groups of contestantses were previous of the Demo time put, but refreshing of be still this big word:

Six fly the absolute being of VS Ju!

The chariot of chapter 105 combustion(a)

The air of rain empress is very delightfully fresh, Versailles the outline of assembly hall is also particularly clear.

Six fly a group of people from at the time that coach stood down, gleamed the red word of sting eye on the electronics screen of meeting exhibition outside wall:

April 17, 2002

15:00 p.m. Paris time

Field time:Hurt set the set E1, F2

Location:Lord assembly hall

Map:De_Train(train station)

Mode:Hurt a set single figure 24 turn-based

To both parties:VSMD.USA of Mouz.GER(Germany)(the United States)

Both parties appear appearance:



Comfort Home Canada







Assize set:

Plate umpire:The fee reaches(Russia)

Technique assize:Benefit card many(Holland) Fijors(Denmark)

Third officials:He Sai Tu(France)

Broadcast a set:Munich television station, ESU television station, HLTV cent area in France, ACTV American radio station

Announcer:Have no

comfort-home-3But the game map of any grand Prix, sponsor squares to all want to notify two groups of personses in advance, so that both parties in advance make to aim at a sexual military tactics arrangement and dozen method.

This of Mouz just set brigade soon, real strenght's coming up to say still don't calculate strong, but beat this kind of troops, six flew an in the mind on the contrary don't have confidence, main because of Johnny.R and Roman these two people's existence.

The parable that makes an image the real strenght, 3 Ds be like a greatly chop down knife, offends not to guard, although attackstoning dint is matchless violent,attackstoning dint defends ability too weak;This of S, be like one take the knife ax of the shield hand, superficially see a nothing important destructive power, but defend is a drop of water a dew not, cold don't defend to you one plank ax;And Mouz is a pair blades sword, the opponent in sting also contuses himself/herself.

But six fly to notice, this is only 8 strong matches that hurt a set, sponsor square chase to compete arrangement in the location at lord assembly hall, it is thus clear that to the value degree for competing, because Johnny.R is owning in the world of the cellophane noodles are really too many, the main assembly hall that can accept 30,000 audiences today almost has no empty and all explode full, the persons of above 90% are all hurtling Mouz of.

"Please follow me, you must enter from the contestant passage."Be responsible for receive MD of still that supermodel Susan Nuo.

Susan Nuo the dress today equal vogue vanguard, and the face up still sprayed 2 to color, one was French national flag, the another is incredibly the attacking by surprise of green gun pattern.

"See to you like AWP very much."Six fly to ask a way.

Susan Nuo turns head a to smile:"Johnny.R is my idol, I hope that he after competing at this the victory can give me a personally sign, certainly, you also have to be diligent."

The Alice cannots help but a way:"You is this to hope that we lose?"comfort-house-base

Susan Nuo says with smile:"Can I didn't say like this."

"You defend in a devious way."Alice animation way.

"Forget it."Six flew to flick to wave hand, light way, " still fires away to say again."

"O, you can from enter here, here noodles I can not go in."Susan Nuo tooks a look Alice and smiled to smile and suddenly once turns round, at six fly face up kissed for a while, " blesses your good luck."

"You!"The Alice is malicious to stare her one eye, Susan Nuo has already walked far.

The Luo Dan Lun despise way:"Another French monkey."

Yin heart the Xuan Be unbearable to silently ask a way:"Six, be kissed by the beauty of felling how?"

Six flew to touch touch a face:"What trifle of lipstick is this?Glue of, is a saliva?"

Susan Nuo Has Already Walked Far



Yin heart Xuan and Alice gape.

The French displayed gentleman poise while getting into lord assembly hall, the whole field didn't be like American lord field so break out a huge hiss, just sparse pull of applause.

But at Mouz a group of people alignment compete a set of time, the on the stage quite a few ties blue light still and beats on the body of Roman and Johnny.R and broke out on all sides huge war whoop and whistle voice.



The past just on TV once saw Johnny.R with magazine, but saw me in person at the moment now, six fly really very difficult show this Si cultured text the big boy of delicate spirit and on the Ju absolute being that appears in public to kill for second of battlefield contact together, however the Ju absolute being is Ju absolute being, have no anyone to dare to despise him.

Johnny.R walks last game set of time, the vision falls at Ray body up.

His amity of ordered to nod to Ray, Ray also smiled to nod.



Fighting is imminent, 2's attacking by surprise genius is just tiny to nod to signal hint, in fact this isn't difficult either to see two is all very nervous in publics, there is all no excessive speech facial expression.

Sniper in North America has been being one of all each big match to see a point to European Ju hand, because people all like in subconscious Europe and America of the sniper carry on a comparison and be like the issue on the weapon table, exactly is little Li Fei Dao's knife quickly still ascend officer the gold Hong is more violent, that the gold Yong is more violent or thou dragon more Diao particularly, though this kind of contrast the milli- is nonsense.

After warming up of more than 20 minuteses after, the plate umpire finally starts breaking a server, whole field calmness come down.

Chris opens notebook, six flew to also hold breath, the persons like moxa Lin,etc also tightly had eyes fixed on a central big screen in the audience at table.

This game regardless as a result how, always need to be beaten to return to old house a troops, is a MD to return to the United States, still Mouz returns to Germany, see this fighting.

First bureau, pistol bureau, the MD makes bandit first.

People All Like In Subconscious Europe


This is really bad situation to open a bureau very much.

The train station is this map, have been being all performance map that the far war king, marksmanship flows contestant.

Before the match, six fly have already needed not to Johnny.R the person like this makes an excessive research, on the train station, his CT station is definitely to is 6 to turn Cape place forever, this is the position of control biggest scope of train station, front view outfield and right piece small way, behind defend four way is 5.

At the beginning and zEx game, the zEx found job for simpleton and sunman two people in this place, it suffices to show the hazardous degree of this position, but Mouz trust of hand over to Johnny.R a person this position to defend, more it is thus clear that Johnny.R power.

If saying one isn't that good to listen, the list theory attacks by surprise a gun, Dt, sunman and simpleton three people add to all have no Johnny.R an individual fierce.

MD directly small pistol in the pistol bureau+half A Rush.

This Rush is very learned.

If the whole brigadeses one birth hurtle the second floors to run, run arrive descend 3 stairses, is gone by the Lyons and Yin heart Xuan bottom, then fly a body to jump 4 trains that the bottoms carry to split, if is possible, again jump central high pressure of outfield the electricity iron box.

This route risk is very strong.

Because when the Lyons jumps to split, blow up Roman on some ammunition box to tremble a hand is two bullets to be shot.



A that"burst".

Lyons surprised whole body cold sweat, the one among the bullets beat to win his chest, the HP immediately reduced 50 order more.

He grinds teeth to jump again, the Shan arrived high pressure to give or get an electric shock after iron box, and the HP became 24:00.

All say that German chariot isn't so easy to handle of, the Lyons finally realized now.

The Yin heart Xuan equally jumps to split after 4, 5 thermodynamic powers was attracted to the Lyons, after safe and soundly jumping into to go to, she is a path to keep climbing stairs up 4 car crest, then revolve to jump the coping of iron box, finally fly a body to jump 5 car crests.

First and in spite of open fire gunning, list says the match of these two personal attraction thermodynamic powers, can say to is a tacit understanding very.

However when the Yin heart Xuan flies a body up 5 car crests, have already climbed USP of Bilzzard of getting on the car the crest to start a Shan gun fire in front.

The Yin heart Xuan instinct is sprung up to open fire to return shot, the Bilzzard bullet obviously once flew from her shoulder, gun although quick, but ballistic but very hasty Zao.

"Burst Chi!"


Mouz|Johnny.R kill MD with gun|ay!

"This ����" whole field audience all surprise.

Bilzzard Bullet Obviously Once Flew From Her Shoulder


This gun unexpectedly was way export to squat down to shoot low since the childhood but, the Yin heart Xuan was sprung up to in the sky and just a little expose a head, so for an instant, Johnny.R will her life.

This kind of far shoots the marksmanship of type and very a little bit grows at the beginning six to fly the flavor of solving the persons like sunman,etc.

Chris cans not help a title seeing six one eye of flyings, six flew a facial expression to heavily order to nod.

The Johnny.R pistol technique is certainly a super top-grade level.

The words of not enough tough pistol of a sniper, so his AWP again strong is also limited, together reason turn over, AWP violent person, pistol also can't bad.

The dime of audience seat, two people are sitting idly on the seat to quietly looking at this game.

Two people's shape is all very short small, all of two people are a head ofs light hair, an among those seem to be firm heavy, the another wears a red baseball cap and has a liking for the age in last year not and greatly, at most also 67-year-old shape, and the side sees a game the side eating between meals.

If the flank person knows they at the moment at discuss what of words, perhaps will get a shock.

"This MD is very deceitful, Be different from is the troops that comes from North America."The baseball cap says.

"Mainly have him, so this troops just seem to be very peculiar."Light hair man explanation way.

"Do you know that Chinese?"


The baseball cap contemplates, the good elephant is hard the list that searches Chinese contestant in the memory:"Is sorry, I really don't recall has in Chinese troops what specially outstanding contestant, connect Canada to have what troops I am also not that clear."

The light hair man did to smile 2:"You certainly don't recall, the troops of Canada originally have no what specially outstanding person, but this person's exception."


"Although he is Chinese, so far still just American club effect, I travel in Canada of time, once met him once."Light hair man explanation way.

"Boon?What viewpoint do you have?"The baseball cap asks a way.

The light hair man's way:"He isn't only only very outstanding so simple, I always feel, he is probably our strongest enemy in the future."

The baseball cap is silent, way:"To, he calls what name, don't I still know."

"His name, call six fly."

"A very strange name."The baseball cap stared at a screen to see a short while again, the MD was led by Ray at this time of another three people incredibly the milli- deliver not hurt of descend arrived an infield.

Baseball cap as if deep in thought way:"The Mouz view was incredibly and successfully attracted to outfield this ay and Leon, all of the CT of infield supported an outfield, is cheated, alas, Mouz really pays a new soldier, game experience was still not very mature, incredibly and like this be cheated."

If this kind of words let side the person heard not to spring up to answer criticism right away just strange, but light hair man but to this of words the deep form agree with:"Boon, really so."

2 people once the words sound fall, the voice of "Thebombhesbeetplanted" rang out.

By this time of outfield, Roman and Bilzzard already cooperate to give�� the Lyons hang, but all member of team of Mouz this just respond to come over:The MD is indeed as expected another to have a purpose, cut off to impossibly and intentionally make 2 people to walk into death.

On HLTV, the Mouz whole line time rushes toward, medium the road link passage to flow out into three people, CT base of 1, 3 is respectively forced into by Johnny.R and captain Roman.

Mouz of anti- rush toward very unusual.

Generally speaking, a lot of while aring anti- to rush toward, the troopses always depend on a smoke to cover up view, then use to flash interference opponent, take advantage o such a cleft, suddenly kill to go out an other party Jian.

But Mouz didn't do like this and won road of three CT the concentration make two hand thunders casting away 3 training underneaths of the in front, a hand thunder cross 3 deep-fried at 1, 2 of, but Roman hand thunder is deep-fried at 2, 3 of, this method although very old soil, very effective.

Because Mouz for an instant judge a MD the car in the infield the upper half of the underneath have no Yin person, hence five people collectively killed to go out.

This first bureau, both parties presented to public to make the appearance that people suffocate.

Ray quietly squats down on a people steel plate in splitting of 3 train the center, this position is pure to is a hand to hand fight position, when the first Mouz Papst for opening a new road is blunt to come up, the head is over to completely and all sell to Ray, the gun muzzle of his head incredibly small pistol doesn't arrive one meter far, he even can see Ray ferocious glasses.

"Pa Pa Pa!"Small pistol is three connect to deliver the fire that the mode opens, this kind of need to be responded and then can complete to explode a head.

The Ray path keeps into to jump in 3 hallways and jumps the time of in mid air and spread three bullets to go out again and jumped again at first after falling to the ground after completing the first to explode a head.

By this time screen up broke three lines of sub-titles to come out:

MD|Ray kill Mouz with gun|Bilzzard!

MD|Ray kill Mouz with gun|Papst!

MD|Ray kill Mouz with gun|Gero!

"Good!"Chris cannots help but clenching fist to shout bravo.

"Still don't change in the trouble of X3 point, still so radical."The baseball cap is mumbling to sigh a way.

Ray of three connect to kill surely breathtaking, however this is the establishment at oneself sold of foundation up carry on of extremely die one shot.

One of his technique was again strong, lacked the ability to do when the gun muzzle jilts toward Roman.

"The Pa Pa Pa Pa!"Roman USP is equally rapid to shoot, however compared with Bilzzard to stabilize a lot.

Mouz|Roman kill MD with gun|Ray!

Only four seconds, MD with a change three.

Six fly to satisfiedly order:"It is quite good."

Ray is all in fact canning have this performance to anticipate in people's idea, some dead shots can't be forgotten because of the passage of the time.

Once Ray hang, both parties formed 2 V2s.

The MD occupied absolute advantage.

Monkey and Luo Dan Lun incredibly Yin rise turning of Gao Tai's end Cape place, but the ammunition box of the infield inside the center up, C4 of red light just and continuously is accelerating flicker.

"Mess, Mouz this the first bureau take not to descend."The light hair man says.

"I see not definitely."The baseball cap goes toward to fill chips in mouth.

"Hua" one rings out, Roman has already squatted down on the box to start dismantling thunder, the energy pillar of the C4 quick ascension.

When monkey and Luo Dan Lun 2 people rush toward a tall set together, from a distance, from a distance their seeing a black dress police in the set distance in height is glancing left and right and see in the check on all sides corner.

That for an instant, the monkey made correct choice, he chooses to keep jumping down to go from Gao on the stage path, he wants to keep Roman from dismantling first C4, but Luo Dan the Lun then quickly squatted down right ahead gunning.

Chapter 106 burns of chariot(two)

There is about the distance of 10 meters in the infield ground of Gao Tai Dao, if press the gravitation pull of the earth to compute, at most also a second time can fall to the ground.

Is also say, the monkey jumps down need to be a , but Roman dismantles thunder needs five, monkey as long as falling to the ground, Johnny.R of Gao Tai's distance even if the hand eye is all-powerful, also is not likely to shoot��dead a monkey from thus narrow and small difficult angle and many stumbling blocks, so this bureau, the MD was definitely to win.

A pistol of Ju absolute being exactly have much strong?This problem, the spot several myriad people at fall to the ground to know in this time.

Johnny.R USP is neurotic inclined 45 degrees jilted two gun the bottom go, if be not personally see, you will think he this is indiscriminately putting an empty gun.

Exactly is these two guns, the bullet once wore from the temple of monkey.

"Burst Chi" is a , the air spouted a big slice of blood flower to come out.

"Pa" of a , the monkey fell to the ground and only fell on the dry sand ground to change into a corpse, the feet of corpse all were still having muscular spasms.

The corpse even all dares not believes, the pistol of Ju absolute being is completing deadly blow under the difficult condition thus.

Said before how that how Johnny.R is is get, how how of not realistic, the monkey originally still didn't believe.

He believed now.

His even acrossing glass covers can feel the applause that the assembly hall break out from the all directions at this a moment and drink a colourful voice.

Be continuously emitting blood light on the body while Johnny.R is shoot��deasing a monkey, Luo Dan the small pistol of the Lun at always continuously button up.

The small pistol of 1.3 editions is really a chicken rib, the power is too small, always beat a deathless person.

Johnny.R the quick Teng Be empty to greatly jump after solving a monkey, then under the distance that 2 people be separated as long as more than 30 rices a record to jump a gun empty explode.


Mouz|Johnny.R kill MD with gun|iller!

Meanwhile, "Mao Ca" is a , Roman tored down C4.


It is Versailles whole assembly hall to immediately break out an applause of tidewater sort.

The moxa Lin a group of peoples all can not help applausing, although two day kings of 2 brigades didn't break out frightened Farg, Johnny.R and Ray of even kill all manner of embodying the top-class superior, that is a day king, he real power not is embodiment on the marksmanship have much violent, but embodiment should make on the general situation view what kind of the exactitude choose.

These are the first bureau, monkey and Luo Dan Lun to take precious experience that the life acquires.

However also because first Mouz in the bureau be a head for MD a good, Chris cannot helps but and turns a head to see six one eye of flyings.

Six fly to sink a track:"Do not become nervous, now that have already faced Mouz, must also learn to bear stroke."

Chris is jittery of fall vision screen to once go up again.

"Feel how, this bureau."The light hair man asks a way.

The baseball cap sinks a track:"Visit several bureaus again."

Second arrival in the bureau, MD whole brigade streaking small way.

This obviously gambled.

6 Johnny.Rs at most also have a pole don't equip the M4 of helmet.

In fact know to all, 02 years of Johnny.R still don't have very high scholastic attainment on the rifle, didn't attack by surprise Johnny.R of gun also however is Lee who didn't fly knife to seek joys, also unworthy make people be afraid.

The MD is to want to make use of this.

However, this a bureau still in Johnny.R takes USP, MD a come out he is also a placard type of back toward CT base direction.

This bureau in MD ECO bowl off Mouz for a M4 and shoot��deaded Johnny.R, the owners were all rounded dead by the Mouz resultant force to blow up a point in the AN area.

Third bureau, MD still streaking, still keep rushing a small way, Johnny.R still don't buy AWP, result still and go to a bureau similar.

"Have to say, Europe fights a brigade which afraid not is the most top-grade troops war, most at least of the military tactics self-restraint and team match is still certain."Six fly to say.

Chris deeply agrees of nod.

The MD competes the biggest problem to how cope with European style at present after eating 4 precepts, not consider how to knock down a strong enemy.

Fourth bureau, ten thousand many attention next.

"Mao Ca" a difference rings, the attacking by surprise of green You You gun is born in the CT base.

Lord assembly hall the audience Be a burst of to scream hysterically to scream madly, but any attacking by surprise of Johnny.R gun once appearing, even have audiences a kind of extremely self-confident felling.

Try to see nowadays Ju absolute being, give up him it who?

In the T base, equally a frailty rings, the green lance holds at Ray hand up.

All everybody's hearts bang bang keeps jumping and breathe a beginning hurriedly.

Two greatly attack by surprise for a sky, king is starting positive dialogue, who is a NO.1, the answer of people to this problem really wants to know too much.

Ray silently looking at a clean and honorable gun body.

Dismiss till now from the X3, he didn't��yet the performance of real meaning, being dead silent must be too long, besides which, and six fly before have been hiding his snow as well.

His there are no too many visions of expectation after death, a lot of American people have already forgotten his to attack by surprise a gun, more is a past teammate of blame and taunt.

Today, finally arrived him one exhibition elegant appearance of time .

The at the thought of opponent is Johnny.R that gains considerable fame world, rays all feel that the blood of oneself's body is fleeing indiscriminately.

Medium doorway in the door, a surprised sky of Nu of "bang" rings.

MD|Ray kill Mouz with gun|Bilzzard!

This is momentary with the skill of door in the Shan, the Shan kills the opposite police's bandit customary move, people have already used to see not surprised, only opening fire of Ray really cans not tells to have what characteristics, too steady, too quasi-, Shan, open a mirror and accept a gun to complete in one breath.

Did an empress to back to return to.

"He is obviously intelligent, know that Johnny.R takes aim a this place in 6, so can not recklessly rush out."The light hair man analyzes a way.

"Not, this bureau is different, the your attention sees B area and 4 stairses."The baseball cap points at a screen.

Sees 4 stairs, monkey and Lyons have been already gathered, adopt the skill of first bureau, 2 people fly a body to jump to split.

But this time and the first bureau is different BE, Lyons incredibly the path go straight 4 that narrow train blind sides, the monkey climbed to a car crest.

This activity has never once escaped to blow up to order Roman eyes, however he even if saw also helpless, because his attention drive Ray previous gun voice to draw on, waited he to discover that the Lyons incredibly raises head to stick out chest to come out with a kind of direct but exaggerated step son come, his M4 stretches to go out, the AN of monkey also takes aim to come over.

Take aim at an ammunition box from 4 car crests, this district that is dark almost the knish eye see don't see person to twinkle.

The visual field of the audiences inside, the monkey is to lightly order several bottoms.


MD|the So kill Mouz with gun|Roman!

The "this ����" light hair man is as stare tongue-tied as baseball cap.

2 people all have never thought an American troops inside incredibly like this agile and fierce rifle hand.

Let them shockedly still in the behind.

In the monkey far shot for Roman a second behind, a sky that was extending farly faraway to attack by surprise a gun to ring and break��into pieces train station of "bang" of quite.

6 cars take over, Johnny.R doesn't know to when climb to come up and attacked by surprise the mirror tornado's sort pares off to go to the monkey, the AWP bullet flies more a thousand mountains and rivers to roar and shout but go to.

Is quick!

Is quick the person's eyes all fall behind.

But incredibly still one explode a head.


Mouz|Johnny.R kill MD with gun|So!

The monkey kept on falling off from the car top.

Whole field dead general of calmness, none of everybody dares to make a noise.

Johnny.R is this special feature, a shot successful quickly launches to connect to kill function behind, he doesn't back anti- enter, start to copy AWP incredibly go toward car crest the head run.

Run to the half, suddenly and urgently stop, turn to the left a body, attack by surprise a gun left next be partial to 30 degrees a recorded the Shan mirror lightning flash sort to jilt to go out.

Once used AWP personses to all know, left jilt right the flat surface pulling pulls a gun very easy, but up float next press stereoscopically to jilt a gun very difficult, very not easy because of this kind of practice.

Medium the front door for linking up in the door, the Lyons has already in advance made reaction, he is continuous two record to revolve to jump, try to evade confrontation with.

People can see well, the Lyons jumps in the sky of time body is stand up, after falling to the ground tilt to one side, lie down, even the corpses all in the sky rowed the death curve of a grace.

Johnny.R the gun, have already had no way terminology speech to describe, can say that his AWP has already outstripped the mankind's reaction extreme limit.

It is also this act most desperately.

Johnny.R a blunt of certainly didn't stop, arrive at train head, he suddenly to right ahead jump.

Already assembly hall someone starts to be surprised shouting, all not understand why does he do so.

But very quick understand.

Because 6 train lower halfs close to the small piece steel plate of door in the bandit up, Ray doesn't know to when squat down over there, AWP dynasty the sky is upward.

He has already anticipated Johnny.R have to jump down?Attack by surprise for a sky, whether kings have already naturally grown to respond ability, know where enemy is.

Time imitates a Buddha to also settle a space in this act, the appearance good elephant also held still.

The Johnny.R half is empty to turn round, the AWP gun muzzle aimed at Ray;And the Ray gun muzzle also follow a Johnny.R sport track but move.


Ray AWP preemptive, the gun voice is big astonishing.

"Shoot."Standing of the concussion of Chris.


The Johnny.R gun also spews out one regiment fury behind.

"Shoot."The audiences dare not believe their own eyes.

Dynasty blind Ju VS air blind Ju in sky, two in the clout a big gun all incredibly and precisely the other party.

But, close behind, whole field the person who regardless support MD or support Mouz, the hearts of owner all kept on sinking.

Ray hanged.

Ray drive Johnny.R one gun directly give Chu dead.

Johnny.R also hanged.

Johnny.R dashes to the ground to die for Ban after being winning Ray one gun.

It is very difficult for you to give a definition, this rightness of definitely who win who negative.

Though Ray can not on shoot��deading a life, but he explained the match of real meaning.

Because ghostly sort in the door in the bandit flees out this time a shadow of human figure-Yin heart Xuan, the Yin heart Xuan has Ray to fallen off by extremely sudden and swift power Jian of attack by surprise a gun, then come from an owner idea to anticipate of open a mirror blunt the door in the opposite take aim.

"Bang" of a , just from the B area support since then of Papst echoed but poured.

The his true right and wrong falls flop can not, because he judges a Johnny.R win the nail Lyons of door to pull out, but he is also surprisingly forever, MD real of the cutthroat Yin heart Xuan, in fact always Yin's just across the street door inside.

And there was still an unexpected directions to also appear a person, that was the Luo Dan Lun to stand at 4 stairses.

Luo Dan Lun at 4 say with detail head with supported Gore of blowing up the point to launch two points to shoot a war from the CT base.

Gore ate big Kui, this kind of 100 meters of super long-distance leave to the point, the thermodynamic power of M4 is more obviously inferior to than A.

"Pa, Pa Pa!"

MD|the iller kill Mouz with gun|Gore!


"Yes!"Six fly to make an effort of clench fist, " to, be so, VeryGood!"

" Good!"The moxa Lin waited a person to shout a while.

Chris is strong to endure a heart palpitates, the unbearable uprising applauses.

This bureau wins too breathtaking, if isn't Ray that key one gun beat medium Ju absolute being, the war situation of behind again difficult say.

"See to us all get mistake, the MD truely has already killed to harm dint, isn't Ray and So, but iller and ay this is to the double."Baseball cap as if deep in thought of say.


"The detection has no, these two people have been being so-so to have no strange, just but break out the strongest real strenght to come out a while, sponsor the MD that the square provides to record elephant inside, I didn't discover that the iller excels points to shoot, Korean girl will use AWP,is this the real strenght that they intentionally conceal?"The facial expression of baseball cap is an accident very much.

The light hair man's way:"If be really so, Mouz may connect down be eating two sufferings in the bureau."

"Boon, that is affirmative."Baseball cap answer way.

Chapter 107 burns of chariot(three)

Mouz really ate big Kui.

This big Kui is money drive MD to calculate.

The fourth bureau opens fight, the MD in fact didn't be subjected to much loss, Yin heart the Xuan is very intelligent, fallen off of AWP Jian return to return to Ray.

But Mouz this place but none person's luckily survive, money is becompletely aten to return to prototype.

The war that plays chess really and is like at the beginning MD in the Victoria, Mouz wants to buy a now attack by surprise a gun and want to buy three attack by surprise the concept of gun, is essentially similar.

Because has no Mouz that Johnny.R attacks by surprise a gun completely is the bird of broken wing, fly not to get up.

So captain Roman makes a firm decision for the pain, whole brigade ECO arrives a seventh bureau to purchase again long gun, otherwise weapons unified don't get up.

This conspiracy that exactly won six to fly, he is to want you possibly of ECO, then very not easy after you bought a long gun with various cheat military tactics mercilessly Yin you.

Fifth bureau and sixth bureau, the MD didn't take the offensive, the all in bandit base vacant land of blue big box of up take person's wall.

Mouz finally sinks not to live spirit here.

If two bureaus all finish dragging along time and make money of the front plusing, unwillingly at 5500 pieces of or so, words Johnny.R like this has to an and attacks by surprise the gun to the light pole, the allocation of troops is still not enough perfect.

The German is too inflexible, too dogma, always feel that a matter wants to attain to be perfect and always wants and wins, because this is to hurt a set it contends for, everyone beats all till the last will the dog urgently jump a wall.

But they neglected a truth, more is at this kind of very every moment, should more calm down.

The problem of this emotion can say a but again and again but three of perplexed too many people.

The person wants to calm down, will learn heartless, cruel, take no cognizance any bar.

So still that sentence, six fly so several years of CS really be not the white does of, there is so strong achievement bottom, should not make a low class mistake.

56 bureaus, the MD rounds the dead to the Mouz whole brigadeseses the vacant land is at the bandit radicle up.

The score pulls even:3-3.

Seventh bureau, the difference was changed.

This is a who also the surprisingly difference change.

The MD is two infield passages to put 2 people this time, win the road put 2 people, 4 stairs bottom go to one person, the purpose is to pass to harass military tactics to come to make sure that the lord offends a direction again, from military tactics of angle speak, in fact this is also the standard battlefield to push forward a war, and this pushed forward to still blend military tactics that the type changes in the war, sniper Ray is adjusted a tall set export.

The MD lays particular emphasis on a point still in the infield.

But is this bureau, hold to attack by surprise Johnny.R of gun one birth alone Rush.

Yes, you didn't see wrong, he a CT alone Rush, probably the sniper of the whole world only he dares to do so, this in of risk, in really big get hard description.

Johnny.R is what path kept since the childhood way Rush to go out, rushed toward to go out at the same time, the heart of whole field audience started jumping again:Long long vacant land incredibly even a figures of bandit all have no, this be the current trend of events to build hero.

Johnny.R carries a gun and calm down step, 1.1:00 of to under the street lamp of the blue big box of place move.

The touch of Lyons is very sharp, at in the door swayed leisurely a turn of empress to return again, on returning, he saw a black dress police, then his judging through the posture that the other party carries a gun this person was who.

That for an instant, the Lyons does the reaction of not to is to open fire first, but springs up to avoid.

But the Johnny.R reaction is faster, raising the hand is a gun to drive out.

One of "bang" is huge to ring.

In out of the sky rained one blood rain.

"Blind Ju."Chris stares big eyes.

Six fly wrinkly knit the brows, the attacking by surprise of Johnny.R gun is really too quickly too quasi-, this circumstance basically has no idea to hide open, the only way be than he sooner, first knock down him.

But this kind of skill, the whole world has how many persons can have?

The dead of the Lyons disturbed the Yin heart that still is putting breeze Xuan in medium door.

Yin heart the Xuan is very intelligent, her the first reaction isn't to return to see a circumstance, she knows she bottom behind bearer, also know that Johnny.R affirmation will touch out here to oneself, she straight-tempered pair of in the middle of the A passage inside in door, finger press at blank space key up, if Johnny.R exposes an around the corner, she decides to spring up to empty explode.

The preparation of the Yin heart Xuan is very right, but her judgment is very wrong.

Because she is left to wait right etc., Johnny.R is to don't appear.

"Mess, that guy ran toward the second floors."Her Leng a long time, trail arms and then strain to go out.

"Back, up ����" six fly can not help yelling, he that"be"ing a word haven't shouted come out, "bang" of a , is the voice that attacks by surprise a gun again.

The Yin heart Xuan pours at pool of blood in.

Johnny.R attacks by surprise gun at blue big box of of turn Cape place, exposed so a half gun tube to come out, this bunker was really matchless and exquisite.

Is even if disheveled hair now, the Yin heart Xuan also takes him to have no a way.

Is the Johnny.R gun exactly and how fast?

No one can describe, the persons who can describe all hanged.

You only realize once in person, then you can feel that kind of be in a sudden killed of taste.

On the radar, in a little bit white twos of door place disappeared.

"Walk, kill to go out."Ray eyes are getting reder, be like a head of great anger mighty army.

The movements exposes, the circumstance is urgent, have been already not permitted now he thinks more.

Infield of 1, 3, both parties start arousing a war.

The Luo Dan Lun lends a covering of smoke and jumps down to go from 3 small slopes, what also ignore and then urgent flee to up blow up to order to quickly cover up thunder.

Medium the door link up place, the Papst M4 is left to take aim at Gao Tai's exit up 45 degrees, this is very an of the cunning guard order, because his view is to pass an of wall and post so a D order smallly to sew to take aim Gao Tai to export, the other party wants and discovers he very difficulty, but he can easily open fire gunning.

Ray at kill out of that is for an instant.

"Sou Sou Sou!"

The bullet of M4 as if a string of concealed weapon floated up.

A frailty of "Zheng" rings, the Ray helmet got this a while, and the HP changed into 1:00 on the spot.

This is just zero:00 several seconds, so short time inside, the mood of the audiences changed fully several.

Ray fiercely jumps up the railing of high set, he even connects the other party where didn't see clear, just instinctive of dynasty in the road link up point mostly the direction jilted a gun return shot.


Attack by surprise a gun or rang, a lance is still a sheath.

Blind Ju!

Beyond dispute blind Ju!

The bullet flew more as long as more than 60 rices of distance after, precise without any error beat at in the road become horny wall up, then this bullet once wore wall and wore into a Papst brain.


MD|Ray kill Mouz with gun|Papst!

No one talks, no one drinks colourful, the whole assembly hall connects the least bit voices all have no.

Only because no one once sees so the gunning of science fiction, this is a kind of height of absolute being, and ordinary mortal can look up at.

Even the moxa Lin is at the Xiao fair ladies like this all make the mouth piece swallowing a big duck's egg enough.

The last blood!

This last blood actually developed a kind of what kind of huge power?

A high set of another on carrying, the CT base comes up of the big slope, the Gore tornado is similar to hurtle to come up.

His head might just come out the part of skull, the Ray benefit sword turned to come over by dimmed eyesight confused speed, the lightning flash sort jilted pass by.

Or blind Ju.

It is blind to get a person to want to become mad.


This time, AWP gun voices all earthquake everybody's heart is vibrating.

This bullet is the marble edge that beats in the high set for people's felling up, even chase rocks all shot Be getting grounder.


MD|Ray kill Mouz with gun|Gore!

What is king in a sky?This is king in a sky.

These two guns was good to explain a matter, why six fly to at the beginning want a crest so big pressure, faraway run to call in one Ray mountain to Melbourne, reason right here.

A hand thunder swayed longly to link up place to fly up from the medium road Gao Tai.

Ray finally still drive deep-fried flew to go out.

However he has already successfully completed his own task.

He is different from Johnny.R, his existence makes to think for the sake of the general situation, Johnny.R then the hero of Gu Dan.

While dying, Ray's blowing up to order the last Luo Dan Lun has already heard the step voice of a burst of rush is from the exit in spread.

Johnny.R from the second floors of bandit radicle, two down stairs Gao Tai's passages, finally arrive at Gao Tai's exit, his purpose, should be make track for the person of killing Ray, this the MD most dangerous inside, but wait his as for time that etc. he to come out, is a Luo Dan the Lun has already turned to come over of gun muzzle.

Gao Tai's railing, this position presented to public too many stories that struck with fright or horrorly attack by surprise a gun in this game.

The owners all see the AN of the Lun of Luo Dan at hurriedly in open fire, the Johnny.R HP quickly sees red.

But Johnny.R is different from Ray, he suddenly and urgently stops and lifts a gun, descend press.


The huge gun fire of AWP the moment gobbled up Luo Dan Lun.

Mouz|Johnny.R kill MD with gun|iller!


The position that is same, similarly blind Ju.

A drop of blood.

Also Johnny.R leaves the last blood.

Two snipers all well explained CS true meaning in this a moments, that was to don't fight till the last a moment, don't flow to the utmost the last blood in the body and in no case lower the head to admit defeat.

Lord assembly hall, whole field owner, including the personnel of both parties' work on the stage, none exception of sent the huge applause to these two day kings, the owners were all admitted defeat by the sniper's magic power.

Again is end of time, and then a short moment being after arousing a war is quiet.

Again is in this time, the people good elephant suddenly wide awake, everyone produced the same question:The infield beats thus fascinatingly incomparablely, and monkey?Where was the monkey gone to?

Six fly face up peeped out cunning smiling face.

Monkey certainly in a place with all surprisingly owner, this place is 3 trains to split oscular iron wheel flank.

The monkey squats down in that blackness, the A gun muzzle cunningly stretched to go out and aimed at to blow up to order ascend is dismantling Bilzzard of thunder.

"Pa Pa Pa!"

This bullet shot exploded Bilzzard head and also let the hearts of the owner of Mouzs all keep on sinking.








This is to manage precise, wonderful arrive Dian of the milli- is also the special magic power of intelligence usage.

"Bomb Long" one Be astounding huge to ring, the C4 set off.

Infield ammunition box drive deep-fried the broken bits cover with to fly indiscriminately, the B area blows up a point thoroughly drive the Yi is for the sake of the one flat ground.

The contestant of both parties' surplus, none of corpses knows a quilt deep-fried fly to which place go to, having no a person could live down.


The MD took down this theest most decisive bureau.

"Yes!"Six fly to applause with what Chris could not control feelings.

"It is very beautiful."The man of the light hair and baseball cap from the heartly praises highly.

"Monkey, IloveYou."The Alice is excited to dance and stamp, even still screamed 2.

MD with 4-3 score leading, this score also means, if Mouz still needs to adopt to attack by surprise gun battle slightly, the score also extends.

Because connect down they face of, is an economic very embarrassed ECO bureau again.

Six flew to vomit tone.

This economic military tactics made use of very successfully, and connected him by himself surprisingly Ray and monkey to also develop huge power in the final reckoning, particularly is a monkey this adds all alone, this is the place that the whole bureau competes most essence.

"The monkey is absolutely that one is very seldom excellent to help to offend a hand in the future, he still has a potential."Six fly to mumblingly say.

Chapter 108 burns of chariot(four)

Eighth bureau and ninth bureau, Mouz threw two to divide again.

This is the way of doing that throws a soldier to protect a car, purpose be want to let Johnny.R of attack by surprise gun at the tenth bureau start to buy smoothly.

"You saw now, with attack by surprise a gun for the military tactics of core is a what monotone."The light hair man says.

"I have been completely understand now."The baseball cap point nods, " leads again two we meeting at win set situation S, this MD, let the S fall to hurt the set deal with them."

The light hair man's way:"I also think so."

The baseball cap says with smile:"See to you vanquish S to have much of confidence to us."

The gold method man says with smile:"Because you are a S jinx, but the S is again the jinx of other troopses."

2 people mutually see a to smile.

The speech is talking, first half field the tenth bureau came.

Tenth bureau, Mouz defended a type to take place tremendous variety.

Gore and Papst of infield are ex- to press Gao Tai's passage, after getting into the side way that Gao Tai exports an inside, Papst's Gore returns to withdraw medium the road link up place.

Mouz total type is 4-1.

But Roman of the outfield 3 people depend on first to flash the hand thunder occupy beneficial geography in momentary, then etc. Gore times to defend to link up place, three personal starts to be quickly ex- to press.

Johnny.R attacks by surprise a gun to take strict precautions against last-ditch small way, Bilzzard and Gore a far a near of chasing and winning doornail dead, do like this certainly is take precautions against Ray of attack by surprise a gun to come out to have an affair with man.

But Roman is to climb 4 trains, die the stairs.

By so doing, all exits of the whole outfield are nailed, in other words, MD aggression flexibility rather before so much more vivid change.

Mouz this recruits not just simple"the type flow", the inside still contains deeper"is mobile to flow" and"the scope flows" of knowledge, possibly of increment control scope, press MD dead before aggression.

"This Roman is really remarkable."Six fly dark Cun.

Probably the many people always feels Mouz because Johnny.R is just fascinating, this viewpoint is getting wronger.

Mouz real key personnel and offend to defend organizer in fact is Roman, Roman the nickname"steel man", this nickname not only represent his combat will, but also can even reflect his military tactics principle.

Tenth bureau, MD first is after the door in the outfield lost Lyons, the whole brigadeses quickly change route strong offend an infield.

Mouz Papst displayed his special power.

This contestant isn't that kind of the person who excels to kill, but he specially can drag along.

How to drag along?

Depend on flashlight, hand thunder and walk continuously procrastinate time in the side way, this oneself be not what have to kill the skill of harming the dint, but it wins precious time for the support of behind teammate.

Papst put together Yin heart Xuan after just sacrifice, but wait MD descend to blow up a point to cover up next, the Mouz main force has already arrived at an infield.

This bureau, Mouz absorbed anterior precept, after being broken by Roman, let Johnny.R round a Gao Tai Qu.

German of that kind of is harmoniously careful style space this bureau finally the embodiment came out, which afraid hanged Bilzzard and Gore first, but Roman's polishing off in time Yin is blowing up monkey and Luo Dan of ordering two sides Lun.

But Johnny.R occupied good position this time, Gao Tai Ling one Ray carrying ate big Kui.

Ray one Shan comes out, Johnny.R AWP about than he quickly and so 0. zero several seconds, the bullet is like to inject a machine one needle violent wind at his waist.

Ray pours on the ground to feel deeply about:"If the theory is quick, this is in the world no one can than Johnny.R is sooner."

The circumstance of 11th bureau and the tenth bureau is almost completely similar, Papst to put together to fight to the death live delay in the side way again, although he at resist time a person don't also hang.

But MD at under 3 small slopes of time pay miserably heavy of price, Johnny.R at 3 depend a CT base this place of small slope up in a row three super long-distance leave of Shan mirror, Luo Dan Lun and Yin heart Xuan and monkey, three people's AN incredibly drive the Ju must the least bit respond all have no.

The Lyons also calculates Ru mission not, jump down to cover up C4 from a high set.

Ray this time again by the side of the railing connect Ju Mouz is two people, but finally face Roman and Johnny.R anti- rush toward of time he was also incapable for the dint.

Roman dismantles thunder, Johnny.R covers.

Lost Ray of first timing only drive second for killing, but the Lyons is directly put to pour by the Johnny.R pistol.

The German was the last second to tore down C4 and contrast the accurate degree that the match manages to be showed from this one spot this time.

The conductor that looking at Ray, six flew to sigh tone:The person whom Ray after all comes out from the X3, he still keeps not too understanding the style of European troops, in fact from and 4 of war he should understand, European the strong brigade extremely differ from the United States to fight a brigade, somebody else a game will according to your military tactics change military tactics, if you again constant, only wait drive whole Jians.

This Roman has already understood thoroughly MD economy to flow military tactics very obviously, the somebody else adopts a very toughly momentary to inhibit a method.

Indeed as expected, 12th bureau, the MD is strong to have 5 A risky medium door and small way clip an outfield together and die this time can hardly see.

Johnny.R adopts Ju in the small way one gun stay back one to become horny strategy, strong line of outstanding come of Luo Dan Lun and Yin heart the Xuan and Lyons is shoot��deading of 3 people's a , but Ray there more miserably, he and monkey medium door after what to face is from in front win road and 5 car crest, outfieldses central vacant land Roman three sides cross of thermodynamic power.

Be placed in this kind of situation, even if you are a fairy also hard keep on living.

Along with medium field the red light shine, the first half field game ended, the score settled a space to 6-6 even.

The plate umpire of Russian nationality signals hint the intermission as 10 minutes, obviously is the value that competes stalemated degree to this, also embody him to dealing fairly with of 2 brigadeses at the same time.

Both parties work the on the stage one is pressing, Mouz there the leader of a group, coach and staff member are busy a complete mess, Roman simultaneously drink water part at compare row what, can see from his facial expression, he obviously didn't expect this MD thus severe.

And the MD is also very nervous here, six the mouth flying have been being moving, the Alice is also a hand mouth to counteract, and the others are continuously to be noding.

For a long time, sees Chris taking a card to walk to the assize seat.

See this scene, the moxa Lin can not help feeling heart at jump:"Is isn't "

"Should be!"Way at the Xiao answer.

Signal hint along with the plate umpire indeed as expected, the central electronics screen finally appeared to change person's sub-title:

MD|LeonDown ��


On the screen, MD|L this ID below still showed CHN, this sign and one noodles very small five planets red flag, person represent to take place currently, he is a Chinese contestant that comes from eastern Asia.

"Finally take place."The moxa Lin saying of concussion.

"Encourage, encourage!"Phoenix war brigade a group of female kids neglected springing up of poise to shout.

Audience at table other all countries audiences all can not help lookinging at of surprise they, is not make change come one inside country contestant Yao, so happy?

They certainly can not realize this ID meaning.

The United States at the moment, in the square, Bo Ding counts myriad people to follow to shout before big screen:"Chinese, Chinese, Chinese!"

Miraculous voodoo once vibrating world, the hero will be born, the hero finally takes place now.

Don't know is which the female cellophane noodles that adore six to fly love him to love too deeply, even Chinese also learns very fluently, Bo Ding loudly sing together on many female cellophane noodles of square:

"I love Tienanemen, Peking, rise on the sun of Tienanemen

Great leader chairman Mao, guide us to make headway ����"

The Huo is rare wise with grillage can not help a while be been lovely by these of audience to stir happy.

Canada, western city, absolute being net.

Segment 91 times the son threatenned to open:"Took place to take place, the double son didn't move bowels and came out quickly and flew an elder brother to finally take place."

Roll of thunder still just the toilet squat down pit, on hearing segment nine voices, bring up pants to rush out a toilet, in loudly Rang Rang:"Spicy next door of, did Lao Tze come and fly an elder brother where?"

The owner is fierce to dig booger:"MD|the L is a MD|the L is him, is six small brotherses, took place to take place, come, the brothers is some to take out red plum."

"Ou-wild!"Is several in absolute being net 100 number west the university student start collective acclaim.

On the screen that HLTV broadcasts, MD|the L ID indeed as expected appear in the server.

This is after MD after losing war the gold battleship six fly to appear on the match field in person for the first time, and is also him real meaning the top ascended satge in the world for the first time.

This game, six fly can win?

This is the all inquisitive owners affair.

Because the server breaks, second half field beginning.

Go to close an important pistol bureau, Mouz the allocation of the this place is it may be said multifarious, have USP, have sand eagle, have the hand thunder the flashlight and have half A, like a combination material brigade.

Mouz does bandit behind of first route in the bureau is 4 stairses and medium the door slowly push to match to round an outfield.

But see a MD this place, there is audience, expert and assize in whole placeses tumble the glasses-MD whole brigade sand eagle Rush3 way on the spot.

"This, what does this calculate?"Baseball cap gape.

The light hair man is also getting more shocked:"Is he how to think?"

This first bureau, Mouz after harassing a short while quickly rushed toward to go out.

Just on rushing toward to go out, MD five people followed from two down stairses to 4 stairses anti- rush toward out.

On coming out, five people walk 4 walk 4, ascend last train crest of train crest, jump to split a jumping of to split.

Mouz obviously didn't thought of that the MD incredibly dares to persist doing so on big match in the world.

The monkey reaction is quickest, he is the first rush toward a stairs saw distance of Gero is covering up C4.

The monkey amazingly fast opens fire, the sand eagle rings strangely quickly matchless, but the quasi- degree is also strange bad matchless.

The MD is a little bit slow this time half cent, Gero after covering up the C4 just is climbed to get on the car the Yin heart Xuan that the crest repairs to kill.

This for an instant, outfield gun voice your work, the bullet flies indiscriminately.

Both parties launched the hand to hand fight of vehemence.

Johnny.R again displayed his pistol technique to the people of this world.

The others walks around in the passage comes up in the CT base and walk 2, stop, next squat down, Pa Pa two guns ordered to go out.

See describe with a delicate touch, but as long as you discover 23 bullets opening the outside person to 100 meters in the distance and order and fly, you also have to shockingly.

This a little bit far pistol technique, probably each contestant will, but be like what he order so accurately, the whole world can't be more than 5 people.

The Johnny.R spirited performance lay victorious foundation for Mouz.

First bureau, the MD whole lineseses fall in action, Mouz again leave Roman and Johnny.R, but six fly one person don't kill.

The moxa Lin is unbearable wrinkly to knit the brows:"How to make of?"

Say with smile at the Xiao:"Do not become nervous ah, say according to me, six fly however is start playing him again that old cheap trick."

The moxa Lin is unbearable to also smile sweetly:"Rightness."

Good at their 2 people to six fly how much still have some to understand, but baseball cap and light hair man is thoroughly drive six fly of conductor to made to faint, because MD the second bureau is again five sand eagles, a be born the door in strong line of Rush.

"The MD is getting more crazy."The audiences are surprised to shout.

Chapter 109 burns of chariot(five)

The MD good elephant was crazy.

Because no matter how it is say to, on big match in the world of heavy weight, have no who the meeting so intentionally walk into death of, and still a captain directs a whole brigade person to walk into death.

With as for after many years, the people of this world after adding detailed this military tactics the research took a very moving name for it, call"Canada flies", this is six fly of placard military tactics.

This is in the world, only he leads then a troops to develop this kind of military tactics to the extreme achievement, the others change who direct all don't go.

Second bureau, MD at in crazy dog Rush that depend on "the disorderly boxing kills hero" in the door, the path kept arch to drop Mouz two MP5s, then a group of person's guns also not Jian, quickly return to an infield.

This time, the MD still all sacrificed.

Main reason because Mouz this place Roman and Gero is strong to have two As that have no A, and plus Johnny.R, three people are in the infield make the C4 occupying the beneficial position after covering up the bottom, the moment brushes MD and holds.

Third bureau, the MD is still all together five sand eagle Rushes, a small Rush way this time.

However the MD didn't bump a Mouz alone person this time, a group of persons walked small way, enter vacant land, ascend the second floor, waited until a group of persons on the second floor and swayed leisurely as a result one greater half diva, the C4 exploded in the outfield.

Roman vomited tone:"Not is say this Chinese XeqtR all to have ever vanquished?How to always like Rush?"

The audiences also discussion in succession, people seem to be really to ignore a solution to MD this kind of aggression that has no a technique content.

See a score in a twinkling become 0:3, the Huo is rare wise to cannot help but turning a head to see grillage one eye.

The grillage sinks a track:"Alva, we should believe six, believe the reason that he definitely has him and even want to believe that his reason is correct."

The Huo is rare wise to jitterily order to nod.

Fourth bureau, the head of the second half field the long gun bureau arrived.

CT base, whole voices that is "Hua Hua"-buy the voices of bulletproof garment, this kind of voice loudly after moving, then have no voice.

"They really went crazy and didn't buy any guns at all."The baseball cap cannots help but shouting out, " is this the simpleton military tactics of Chinese type?They depend five sand eagles, covet in full battle array of does the German polish off?I don't believe."

Light hair man calm and steady face, don't talk.

Moxa Lin and also felt suspicious at the Xiao, this again is why?Six fly subconscious' inside Mouz regard as coL to beat?Rather than to know that here am the train station that maneuvers interleave at the beginning scorching sun overhead desert two.

Sand eagle at this kind of far and battle front diagram in in can not develop much function at all.

The nerve of the audiences obviously also relaxed a lot, pass the allocation of this bureau, can see hurting of a MD being like.

Roman unclearly win have already grown an easy felling as well, MD how always recruit Rush with this, each place Rush, good elephant again the it's infield's turn.

This bureau in Mouz is a concentration to quietly wait for in the infield Gao Tai Ze's way, wait MD to come to Rush.

Waited as a result 1 divide many clocks, infield even the ghost shadows all can't see, and connect the least bit the voice also have no, connect once pared off a train station sky that kind of information that roar and shout to all can't hear.

The train station is quiet not normal.

"Go!"The Roman resolute bottom orderanies.

Mouz hugs tall set export and one person by 4 people this time 3 small slopes of type raid infield.

A train bottom carries of the left side of the wheel, there is a CT taking bright sand eagle of silver to hide in the darkest the corner, this corner in fact isn't at last a good Camp to order.

But, 3 small slopes of at the time that Papst rushed out, this person silently went toward the body left move move, very skillfully averted from Pspst view.

The whole infield resulted in the illusion of a kind of no one for Mouz, actually person in their under one's eyeses.

Heart palpitates.

The heart of the audiences is jumping.

Who is this ?This person's courage was absolutely too big, absolutely contained anger too much.

Gao on the stage, Gore followed a red ladder to slip away down behind C4's back.

Slip away a half, he detection underneath of wooden board car wheel son the bottom drill out a black shadow, then he sees the sand eagle on the other party hands in the blackness gleam homicidal of ray of light.

"Oh, Shit!"Gore scolded a , but already too late, because he hangs on the ladder.

"Bang, bang" is two guns.


Yin heart Xuan the first bullet exploded his head, C4, AN and corpse three kind things almost hit the ground at the same time.

The Yin heart Xuan quickly fled up and picked up AN and turned to the right a body in the middle of running at the same time.


It is a pure bullet this time.

Papst consciousness inside, the other party is the center in a train underneath give��ed Gore to explode, as a result when he respond to come over, the Yin heart Xuan has already arrived his in front.

The his A quasi- tenseness soon pulls the chest of the Xuan at the Yin heart.

The bullet spouted orotund everybody of ground human body muscle to hear, but ground of isn't a Yin heart the chest of the Xuan, but Papst head.

This gun is surprised to wake up all persons of Mouzs, Mouz member of team this just realizes Camper in they's foot.

Bilzzard made a mistake at this time, his unbearable make the A gun muzzle stretching to go out and waiting for his as a result, is a Yin heart the Xuan with with a downward exposure the angle perpendicularity of 80 degrees have already changed out to combine dynasty the A gun muzzle of 80 degrees in the sky.

In her visual field, Bilzzard peeped out a railing for only a big head.

"The Pa Pa Pa Pa!"

The A gun fire is surprised bright the cloudiness of train station.


Is Headshot again!

MD|the ay kill Mouz with gun|Bilzzard!

Is this string of to connect to kill action, not only and skillfully made use of sense of vision bad, and easy style of writing, complete in one breath, there is no half nuisance using 4 time for for cent, Mouz three member of team encountered poison hand.

In the MD always not known to public, undertake a match to sweep a tail work of Korean female the contestant broke out astonishing fighting strength for the very first time and became MD countercharge for the first time of sharp point knife, this the first knife in the clout Mouz heart.

By this time of Johnny.R responded to come over, he adopted the way of doing of a train crest of Gao Tai Tiao and attacked by surprise a gun in the sky blind move out of the way fire.

This is on recording the essence cutthroat that can not explain with the CS weapons principle, it was unexpectedly incredible to in the clout Yin heart of the waist of Xuan, the Yin heart Xuan helplessly pours at blow up some flank, the blood spouts one wall is deep red.

Audience is more surprised to shout repeatedly, this gun outran people's comprehension category.

However, although the Ju absolute being extremely kills success, regrettable is BE already late.

Because at him snipe Yin heart Xuan of at the same time, on his body rapid Shan red light, this is back hit by bullet of omen.

As Johnny.R is at first being sprung up to try to return shot, he finally discovers, on the big slope of a high set, there are three CTs ambushing over there, the gun fire of three sand eagles moment had no him for the Yan.

MD|Ray kill Mouz with gun|Johnny.R!

Roman a while understand come over, the MD isn't personal hero doctrine this time, but with meticulous care sets out a trap to wait their Mouz to drill.

Front three bureaus are appearances, all entirely is an appearance.

That is the somebody else is continuously walking into death, probe, touching a point, sounding out, computing, judgment.

Acquire the biggest victory with the minimum price.

Momentary, Roman suddenly feels that the spine has some to deliver cool.

He realizes the Chinese that direct MD, is one how terrible of opponent.

Roman has never met opponent like this, thus of dozen method, he for own light-minded paid miserably heavy price.

Thought of here, Roman backed to return to from the side way.

MD hanged one person now, while Mouz leave one person, he only protects this A, for next ECO in the bureau increase a cure of success.

Roman backs into a bandit base from the second floors, another piece lets while being the big truck that he backs a base Mouz whole brigadeses shockingly of the matter appeared.

Base inside that folds a red brown wood box behind, incredibly had to take sand eagle to take aim at milli- extemporaneous Roman than the Yin heart Xuan more cunning CT.

Does he when touch my noodles coming?He in advance calculating is quasi- Mouz of escape from punishment will withdraw here?

However these have been no longer important.

An of "bang".

A bullet.


MD|the L kill Mouz with gun|Roman!


The deadly blow that is real is here.

Owner this understood everything to come over a while.

"Hua" of a , whole field the applause that rang out such as the thunder.

This bureau, even if being an amateur can also see, the MD military tactics is violent in a great mess, however the most decisive place still lies in Yin heart that magic of Xuan is three guns, those three guns almost absolute being general of performance, in a twinkling turned round war situation.

"I understood, this Korean was a MD have been concealing of a card, we still really see the eye of walking."The baseball cap says.

The light hair man's way:"She front a lot of games all have no exertion like this, probably is six fly snow to hide her intentionally, fact tells us, sometimes personally see, the thing smelt by close ear, that is all not necessarily true."

The baseball cap facial expression dignifiedly ordered to nod.

Fifth bureau, the MD takes the A paying to match Ray lately- bought attack by surprise a gun, finally started the station of orthodox tradition of, however six fly to still keep holding sand eagle everywhere and swaying leisurely.



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